Prosper From Your Talents

Workshop "Sat 30th June Live Streaming & Local"

Who's Richard ?

My name is Richard Atkinson. I'm an intuitive life and business success coach. I love to facilitate people to tap into their creativity and talent and take the easiest fastest ways to bring their unique gift to the world and create greater abundance for themselves and others.

I'am Offering Workshop In Europe

Next class : Saturday June 30th Toulouse, FRANCE

Also available in Live Stream

Would you like to follow what makes your heart sing and receive all the financial and personal abundance your genius can bring you? Are you ready to tap into your unique talents and abilities, contribute them to world and generate more money?

Prosper from Your Talents & Abilities Playshop is for you if

  • You feel like you're not moving forward fast enough

  • You know you have a lot of talent & ability but you're not able to take effective action

  • You're ready take action now and create a lot more fun and money in 2012

You're looking to be supported to do whatever it takes

At this all day live-streaming playshop, you'll be inspired and energized to fully know and express your unique talents and abilities.

We'll use tools and fun processes for you to open the doors to :

  1. Increase the power and potency of your talents & abilities
  2. Boldly be you and express your uniqueness
  3. Create high visibility and more clients coming to you
  4. Generate and receive more money with greater ease

Get lazer insight and support so you can bring your gift to the world right now!

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You can attend either live in person or through live-streaming on your computer. Your investment is just 185 Euros* for 8 hours of transformation, practical tools and awareness that can totally change your life.

Join us in Toulouse

Saturday, June 30th 2012 at 9am-5pm

7 Place de Soupetard

Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées

Price : 215 Euros if you pay at the door the day of the class

Live Streaming

Saturday, June 30th 2012 at 9am-5pm

From your Computer

Price : 215 Euros if you pay at the door the day of the class

Here's the kind of support and transformation I can facilitate for you !

"I was in a transitional/growth phase with my company & career in 2010 - at the pivotal turn where every inner demon attempts to stall you out and run you off course. After 30 years in the entertainment industry it was time for some Super-Powers to kick in. Richard helped me find them, identify them, and put them into practice! And that's an understatement. If you want to harness your Super-Powers and Greatness...Richard will show you the door "it's up to you to open it" :-) HE'S AWESOME!"

Angela " GIGI" de Lugo - Multi-Award winning music publisher & Film Producer Nashville, Tennessee

"Until I started working with Rich, my business was a lot of hard work. And nights of not going to sleep. Rich's coaching has enabled me to grow my business way faster than I would have even thought possible. I'm having more and more fun. And the money flows and clients keep on growing."

Sandy Leveque - Access Consciousness Facilitator and Zumba instructor

En création d'entreprise en 2011 j'avais besoin d'un soutien afin de me permettre d'y voir plus clair sur les perspectives d'evolution de mon activité. Sur les conseils d'une amie, j'ai pris contact avec Richard. En quelques minutes il a su me donner des conseils, des actions que je pouvais entreprendre et élargir mon champs d'action avec mon entreprise d'une façon encore plus performante quelle ne l'etait jusque la. Travailler avec un coach d'entreprise et en particulier avec Richard, à notamment cette particularité de vous apporter un oeil exterieur qui n'est pas plongé dans votre quotidien de façon permanente. Ceci donne une grande clairvoyance sur ce qui fonctionne moins bien, sur ce qui fonctionne et ce que l'on peut changer pour que tout deviennent fluide, car tout peut changer quand on choisit.

Stephane POUDROUX, Photographe et Créateur en communication Visuelle.

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