Tohickon Middle School


Greetings From the Principal's Office

Old Man Winter does not want to relinquish his hold on us just yet but we know that Spring is just around the corner when we see the daffodils popping their heads out of the ground and we have our Opening Assembly for Relay for Life!

Everyone has been quite busy here at Tohickon in recent weeks. Our ninth grade students completed their ninth grade assessment, rehearsals are underway for our upcoming musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr., program planning is well underway, students are choosing their teams for Relay and our basketball teams have taken center court! As always, we need your continued support to keep students focused during these dreary, winter months.

As parents, you can help keep your child stay focused on school by…

... talking about academics at home. Let them know how important it is to keep up with homework. Find a quiet, well lit place for them to study at home. If your child is having difficulty with a particular subject, please give their teacher a call. Teachers generally offer additional help to students at lunch and/or resource at the end of the day.

...keeping them organized. They can do a little “spring cleaning” at home as they clean out old school papers that are no longer needed. They can also do a little “spring cleaning” in school by cleaning out their locker. It’s a great time to start fresh as the new semester begins.

...discussing behavior. It is important for them to be in class on time, to be polite to teachers, and to pay attention. Clear expectations are vital to keep students focused each and every day.

...getting them involved. Students have the opportunity to get involved in a number of activities here at Tohickon Middle School. Spring sports, Relay for Life, Soup Kitchen, our organic garden and the Spring musical are but a few of the many activities available to our students.

...keeping your child active. Encourage them to get away from their computer and/or TV. Everyone needs regular physical activity, whether it’s a walk or a bike ride. Regular activity can help kids concentrate better in school.

...having them eat breakfast. You probably heard it from your own parents: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But now you’re the one saying it to your sleepy, frazzled kids who insist, “I’m not hungry,” as you try to get everyone fed and moving in the morning. Even if you eat a healthy morning meal every day, it can be tough to get kids fueled up in time for school but it’s important to try. Remember, our breakfast cart is available to students as they get off of their bus every morning. Students can use their PIN to make their purchases.

Hopefully, with our efforts here at school, and your efforts at home, we can keep all of our students focused and on target!

Karen Wychock, Ed. D.

Boomerang Youth Award

CB Cares has been involved in promoting 40 Developmental Assets in our local schools through programs and training, with the goal of fostering positive behaviors and values in our community’s youth. This youth recognition award was created to recognize students in the Central Bucks School District for living by one of the 40 Assets, designated monthly. The 40 Developmental Assets are positive experiences, behaviors, and personal qualities that all youth need to possess, in order to be responsible, caring, and strong in the face of peer pressures and other life challenges.

January’s Asset: CB Cares Asset: #9 Service to Others. Young person values service to others, in their family, school, or community. He/she commits to meaningful and caring actions.

Congratulations to Brian Jackman, Justin Longo, Tommy Harrison, Ben Pennacchio, Eric Kuhn, Jake Taloricco, Thomas Taloricco, Drew Insley, Michael Tarone, Adam Davis, Ali Schwyter, Will Schmer and Brian Mass for receiving January’s Boomerang Youth Recognition Award!

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Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr.

Don’t miss our upcoming school musical!

Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr. will be performed on March 7, 8 and 9, 2013!

Daffodil Days

Daffodil Days is one of the American Cancer Society's oldest and most beloved fundraising programs. As the first flower of spring, the daffodil represents hope and renewal. To the American Cancer Society, the daffodil symbolizes the hope we all share for a future where cancer no longer threatens those we love.

Tohickon is taking orders for Daffodils again this spring! All flowers must be pre-ordered and received at Tohickon by February 19, 2013. Orders should be given to Ms. Jones (room #127).

Flowers will be delivered to Tohickon on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013. You will be called when your flowers arrive and are ready to be picked up. Or, you can send them home with a student.

Ninth Grade Assessment

Congratulations to all of our ninth grade students for completing their ninth grade assessment. Their research and technology skills were put to the test. Each group took time to choose a topic, research the chosen topic, agree on their role within the group, prepare visuals and ultimately write a script. Our ninth grade students looked like professional young adults as they presented their topics to a panel of teachers. Thank you to Mr. Lloyd for his role as 9A coordinator. Thank you to all of our staff mentors in guiding our students to success!

Congress In Action

Students in Mr. Forney’s social studies classes brought in some "flair" for the 2012 presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Students competed to fill the back wall of the classroom with any and all campaign flyers, posters, advertisements, etc. Now that students are having their own election during the Constitution Unit, classroom candidates get their pictures with the real candidates from the November election. The group was also divided into the Red and Blue teams based on a political interest survey that they took in November 2012. The group is now working on several bills that they would like to see passed.

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News from the Guidance Office

PROGRAM PLANNING for next year has begun!

VERIFICATION SHEETS – Verification sheets of teacher recommendations and student requests for next year will be sent home. Please refer to the Program of Studies Guides available online ( under Parent or Student Resources) for clarification of course requirements. Parents are asked to review the course selections with their child. Requests for changes and/or questions should be noted on the verification form.

Parents/guardians will need to sign the verification form and send it in to their child’s homeroom teacher as follows:

7th Grade -- Verification sheets sent home February 27th

Signed sheets returned by March 6th

8th Grade -- Verification sheets sent home March 20th

Signed sheets returned by March 27th

9th Grade -- Verification sheets sent home March 13th

Signed sheets returned by March 20th

8th Grade students entered their 9th grade elective choices in the computer. Requests for changes to 9th grade electives must be submitted by March 27th. Every effort is made to ensure that students receive their first or second choice. Changes can not be guaranteed and requests will be placed on a waiting list and honored only if an opening becomes available.

9th Grade students will be meeting individually with their counselors throughout February to review the course selections they made through the Portal System. At that time counselors will ensure that the correct courses were selected and students will have the opportunity to request changes to their selections. No changes to elective choices will be made after March 20th.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These selections will determine course offerings and staffing for next year and, therefore, will be considered FINAL. Changes will be made only due to failure of courses or failure to meet prerequisites.

**Course Failure/Summer School Placement**

A reminder to 8th grade parents: According to School Board Policy #215, “Students shall be promoted from grade 8 to grade 9 if they have passed all of the one-credit courses.” Students in eighth grade who fail any one-credit course must repeat the course(s) during the summer. Students failing Spanish 1 and some math courses MAY be able to repeat the class in their ninth grade year.


PSSA testing dates are as follows:

8th Grade -

Writing – March 12, 13 & 14

Reading & Math – April 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 & 18

Science – April 23 & 24

7th Grade

Reading & Math – April 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 & 18

Please make every effort to schedule appointments and vacations around these dates. Parents can help their students perform well by encouraging students to take these tests seriously and seeing that students get plenty of rest during testing weeks.

Middle School Orientation for 6th grade parents March 5

Middle School Orientation for parents of sixth graders will be held on Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00 PM at Tohickon Middle School. Plan to attend and learn everything you ever wanted to know about middle level education and more. If you have any questions, please call 267-893-3310.