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Week of 5/9/2016

Carson Calendar

5/9 STAAR testing

5/10 STAAR testing and BBQ luncheon

5/11 STAAR Testing

5/12 5th grade and 2nd grade field trips - rainy day lunch schedule

5/12 CiCi pizza night

5/13 Field Day - No Fly Friday

5/16 Talent Show Tryouts @ 3:15-6pm

5/16-5/18 BOGO Scholastic Book Fair - see schedule (no preview day)

5/16-5/20 STAAR Early Lit in Rotation and DRA (last)

5/18 GT to High School for presentations

5/19 5th grade field trip

5/20 - Public Library Presentation and 5th grade program during Fly Friday


BBQ Luncheon

YUM! YUM! Get your taste buds ready for some BBQ. Please sign up to supplement the meal with some sides and desserts.


It is STAAR time again. Just a few updates and information about May 9-11th for all staff.

  1. On the day of STAAR testing, test administrators and staff may wear jeans with their STAAR shirt that we recently ordered.
  2. We will be testing on the green hall and the main hall. Both computer labs will be used for STAAR A testing.
  3. Please do not take your kids pass the computer labs or down the green hall.
  4. Other grade levels that are not testing on the green hall on any particular day will be using the bathrooms on other halls during testing.
  5. Lunch times and rotation times have been changed to accommodate the 4 hour time limit. Double check your times so you will not miss them. All rotation will be down in the PE area.
  6. For recess please do not go on the playground until after all testing is done. If you need some fresh air you may go out front or on the parking lot on the side of the gym.
  7. Testers will need to be in their rooms by 7:45. Paras in the cafeteria and gym-please let 3rd, 4th and 5th graders go first on these days. You could even start sending them about 7:40 down the halls. We will not have recess before lunches. Just drop the kids off in the cafeteria for the 30 minutes.
  8. Announcements will be really short on May 9, 10, and 11th so that the testing may begin ASAP.
  9. Teachers in testing rooms will not have access to phones, internet, or cell phones. If you need a teacher or student, please let the from office know. They will then find Quarles, Farris, or Hak and we will relay the message or take care of the situation.
  10. If you notice a testing irregularity, please report to Farris.

STAAR schedule for May 9-11,, 2016

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5/9-11 You may wear jeans with your STAAR shirt.