Are They Watching?

Is being watched only for safety?


Imagine, Your walking down the street and feel the need to check your Instagram, text a few friends, and call your mom to ask what was for dinner. What if everything you just did was watched, recorded, and saved. Pretty scary to think every item of information that's on your phone, laptop, and tablet can be taken from you in a blink of an eye. Well, of course it's not your fault, it's just simply what your used to, having everything on your device. Everyday your information is being taken away from us in ways you wouldn't believe, by the government and hackers. Can this be stopped? Should it Be stopped? Tracking and surveillance is an interesting topic, and when you really look into it, you'll be amazed by what you find.


You could go crazy thinking of how unprivate our lives really are - the omnipresent security cameras, the tracking data on our very smart phones, the porous state of our Internet selves, the trail of electronic crumbs we leave every day.

-Susan Orlean

Pros and Benefits

  • "Tracking can be critical for consumer safety when it becomes necessary to notify consumers regarding defective products such as car seats, toys or cars."
  • "Food and drug recalls from loyalty card purchases have saved lives and prevented spread of contamination in cases of tainted medications and foods."
  • Parents can put a GPS on your child's phone or backpack so parents can know where their children are at anytime
  • Surveillance cameras help catch out laws year- round
  • Thieves with stolen cars can be tracked by their license plates and put in a searchable database that can track the location of the car
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Cons and Dangers

  • Hackers can track your phones, which can result in kidnapping
  • The government can know where are at anytime
  • Your car or van can be tracked, innocent or not
  • The police can record what you look at online, your personal pictures, files, and so much more. They can track and take anything on your devices
  • when we swipe our cards at ATMs, all of our cards information is put in a database where your credit and debit cards purchases can be recorded and tracked
  • The government is invading our privacy

Real world examples

1. The Boston Bombing is a great example of surveillance cameras being helpful because the police were able to identify the marathon bombers

2. A school buys 300 new laptop computers with cameras. The company that sold the school the laptops are watching the students in their homes and taking pictures of them on the laptop's computer. This is a very real problem that we are facing today that has happened to many schools.

3. Hackers tracking peoples phones is another bad thing that is happening in our world today. They can go to the same location as the person and rob them, or much worse.

4. The government recording conversations on cell phones for their own purposes

5. Local public places with surveillance cameras can use them to find stolen or missing items, or if an intruder is in the building.

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In the End

In the beginning, I posed a question: Is being watched only for safety? To answer that question, I have to say no. The government takes information from innocent people everyday, for no reason at all, really. Yes, part of it it protection, but I believe it is more than just the safety for our country's citizens. Hackers are tracking us too. Is that for safety? No, it is for the enjoyment of their wicked minds. For these reasons, I think we should be careful of what we do online or at any public place, after all, you never know who is watching.
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