Stolen Children by Peg Kehret

Virginia Dennis


Overview of the book

Amy started a new babysitting job babysitting a little 3 year-old named Kendra. While Amy is babysitting Kendra she puts Kendra down for a nap and Amy falls asleep herself. When Amy wakes up Kendra is no where to be found. 2 kidnappers named Hugh and Smokey have kidnapped Kendra while Amy was sleeping. The kidnappers just so happen to come back and notice that Amy was babysitting her so they take Amy and kidnap her too.

Hugh and Smokey take Kendra and Amy to a cabin in the middle of no where. Amy tries her hardest to take care of Kendra the best she can. Hugh and Smokey send Amy and Kendra's parents videos of the girls letting them know that they are ok. Amy manages to send clues in the videos without Hugh and Smokey noticing. Amy tries a few times to escape from Hugh and Smokey with Kendra. The first couple of times they fail, but the last time, Amy manages to steal their car and drive it to the main road and flag down a car, in that car was the police man who was helping their parents find them. He knew the area they were in due to the clues in the video. Amy and Kendra were safely reunited with their parents and Hugh and Smokey were put in jail.

Four Questions

Question 1: What did you enjoy about the book?

Answer 1: I enjoyed this book because it is very suspenseful and i think it had a lot of great detail and when you close your eyes while reading this book you can visualize the scenery or the events because it is so well written.

Question 2: Was the book well written? Why was it well written?

Answer 2: Yes this book was well written. It was well written i think because this book has many details and it shows the girls perspective greatly and it shows real life events and how the situation could really be handled in the real world. Its not a situation that couldn't ever happen in real life.

Question 3: Why would you recommend this book?

Answer 3: I would recommend this book because i think it is a fantastic book and if you like any other of Peg Kehrets books than you will surely like this one as well!

Question 4: What interesting or notable facts do you know about the author?

Answer 4: She grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She developed polio at the age of twelve and was hospitalized for nearly a year. She has written 45 books!