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Symington Staff News -- Week ending 10/14/2016

Instructional Priorities--READ THOROUGHLY--Changes Weekly

We must be teaching and engaging our students. I am still seeing a lot of instructional time being spent doing things other than teaching.

Please read over the Instructional Priorities and the notes I put on them. You will need to commit them to memory and include them in your daily work.

Walk in your room and ask:

Is this a place of learning? How do you know?

Can I read the I Can from every seat (are they posted)?

Do my students write and read daily?

How many benchmarks have I given, what reflection of my instruction is given by those walking into my classroom looking at my benchmark charts?

Do my students know where they stand through benchmarks? Is the Pacing and Scoring posted by my Benchmarks?

Are my students cognitively engaged?

Am I using technology to enhance instruction or as a bribe to get through a subject (let's get through this and then we will be able to "play" on our iPads)?

Would my own parents be proud of me as an educator if they walked in right now?

How are my Restorative Circles going? Am I getting deeper with the dialog with my students?

Will I wear jeans on the 28th?

Are students getting to partnership?

Are my relationships something others can learn from?

Would my classroom be a model classroom?

Did I implement the "Give Me 5" with fidelity--practice? model? revisit?

How will things look different on Monday?

Be prepared to discuss at PLC meetings...

Restroom breaks should not take more than 3-4 minutes (5 max). If it is, the students are taking advantage of you. Did you use Give Me 5 and Line Basics in the classroom BEFORE going to the restroom? While in the hall?

Grade Level/Data Team Meetings

For Tuesday:

  • Be sure Benchmark Charts are current, pacing guides and scoring are posted.
  • Bring current lesson plans for the week.
  • Be prepared to walk and talk.

For Thursday

  • Bring SLO Update
  • Bring STAR Math and Reading Screening Report (print in color in the office)
  • Bring your BB, B, P, A charts

Technology Updates

  • Have you signed up to become an Apple Teacher? Let's get 100% of Symington's staff signed up! Here is the link: http://www.apple.com/education/teachers/
  • Once you are an Apple Certified Teacher be sure to add it to your signature line!
  • Have you signed up for your 30 minute session with an Apple Specialist? This is a perfect way to learn some specific things Apple unique to us! Autumn will re-send the information this week!

Fall Parties, Not Halloween Parties

Remember Monday we have FALL parties, NOT Halloween parties (we have some families who have specifically asked about it for religious reasons).

Please let us know if you need anything! Make it fun!!!


Red Ribbon Week:

This is the kick off for Red Ribbon Week at Symington. Red Ribbon Week is a nationwide effort to promote drug awareness and a drug free life. During the week of October 31-November 4th., I will be in classrooms teaching about Red Ribbon Week. There are also themed dress up days during this time which are free to all students!. They are as follows:

  • Monday 31st- “College Spirit Day!” Students should wear the colors of the college they want to attend.

  • Tuesday 1st- “Being drug free is no sweat!” students should wear a sweatshirt/pants

  • Wednesday 2nd-”Give drugs the slip!” students should wear slippers to school(please have students bring tennis shoes to wear for entering/exiting the building and P.E.)

  • Thursday 3rd-“Don’t let drugs ruin your dreams.” students should wear pj’s to school(please make sure they are school/climate appropriate)

  • Friday 4th-”Symington Spirit Wear” students should wear their schools colors to promote a drug free school. (Blue and Yellow Gold)

Bulletin Boards: Please post student work (written work, actual student products) and upkeep.

SLO Timeline

(Sept. 23- Oct. 7) Create 1st SLO-Math

(October 7-31st) 1st SLO is submitted and approved

(November 1-11) 1st SLO mid-cycle check-in*

(Nov. 14 -Dec. 20 ) 1st SLO evaluation (w/data dashboard) AND create 2nd SLO

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, October 31: Fall Parties (teacher planned, may have parents lead, you must ask them to help) 1:40-2:25

Remaining New Teacher Meetings:

1st Year Meetings:

December 9

January 27

March 24

2nd Year Meetings:

November 11

February 24

Eagle Expectations, Lessons and Schedule

Dr. Woods and Dr. Hammett have created lesson plans for all areas, teaching schedule, etc. and will email them to you by Monday. Please be prepared and assist any subs. We will be RESETTING the building beginning on Monday ALONG with regular instruction. Please see the teaching schedule. The lessons are set up as SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE but can easily combine into one lesson.


Kudos to Ms. Golladay, Ms. Ratliff and Dr. Hammett for helping out at Parent University!

Kudos to Ms. Autumn Smith for presenting at Parent University!

Kudos to our SYMINGTON STAFF for working to change the culture and climate of Symington! We can see and FEEL the changes, this is thanks to your HARD WORK!