Leader in Me

Double Peak K8, March 2016

Evidence of Leadership Principles through Student and Parent Learning

The 7 Habits and leadership principles are effectively taught to all students through direct lessons, integrated approaches, and staff modeling. Students are able to think critically about and apply leadership principles.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin

Kindergartners and Service Learning

The Kindergarten students in Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Poltl's classroom, recently worked on a service learning community project. Students collected saver stamps from Albertsons grocery stores. The class goal was to collect enough stamps for 10 flatware sets or 1,600 stamps and donate them to a soup kitchen in need of utensils. Students integrated meaningful community service, while practicing the 7 Habits. This project enhanced their learning experience and taught them a valuable lesson in civic responsibility and Beginning with the End in Mind.
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Writing and the 7 Habits

Mr. John-Paul Nava's class, went through the writing process to publish their class mission statement which they recite daily. Inspirational quotes are used on a weekly basis to spark dialogue and to reflect on their own leadership experiences.

Science and the 7 Habits

San Elijo Middle School parents in Mrs. Kim White's class have been vital in helping support students exploring the 7 Habits, such as Think-Win-Win and Synergize, as students participate in collaborative Science labs. Parents have graciously donated supplies that help make science come to life. Thank you Parents!
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Literature and the 7 Habits

Mrs. Karg, a Discovery parent, is part of the Wells Fargo and Scholastic Books Reading First program, through which she reads books aloud to first grade students and donates those books to the classroom. Mrs. Karg and the students discuss the book and make connections to characters and the 7 Habits. Students are able to give specific examples from the text that support their understanding.

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History and the 7 Habits

Students in Ms. Steele's class are now naturally making connections between the 7 Habits and their History content. This group of students noticed how the teachings of Buddha focus on taking care of yourself and finding balance between indulgence and deprivation.

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Ms. Michael's and Mrs. Cochran's Buddy Classes Practice Habits #2, 4, and 6

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Dr. Seuss and the 7 Habits

Mrs. Christine Dixon wanted to tie Read Across America, 7 Habits, and mentoring Kinder Buddies together, so a last minute idea became a lesson that students were beyond engaged in, which included reading, writing, creativity, synergizing and incorporated Leader in Me. It definitely was a stretch in their ability to synergize together AND it was challenging for sure! Students presented their digital 7 Habits Dr. Seuss book to their Kinder buddies.

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Physical Education and the 7 Habits

Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy Habit #7 (Sharpen the Saw)

Students in Mrs. Kim Cole's Expo class watched the Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy video. Students discussed the questions from the Leader In Me website connected to the video. Mrs. Cole asked her students, "What is a Legacy and what will they be remembered for?" Students had time to reflect and then shared their responses with their elbow partner. Students then had a share out (finding their voice). Students were then asked to reflect on the video again at home and they had to be ready to share for their next meeting. Students were asked to do a quick write on the following question: What will they be remember for?
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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Albert Einstein