The Gift . . .

NME 2016 Conference, Stevens Point, WI


Welcome to the NME 2016 Conference, The Gift. We are so glad you are here! This year's conference promises to be a special "gift" for everyone.
The gift of ... friendship--both old and new; informative and inspirational speakers and workshops; family fun and entertainment; marvelous weather. Thanks for being here!
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Thursday Keynote Speaker: Carol Bruess Turing Toward Each Other: Seeing the Biggest Gifts in the Littliest Moments of Marriage

Carol's keynote is based on the best and most contemporary marriage research in the world. As a researcher studying happy couples for 25 years and proud participant in her own 24-year, very happy marriage, she will share how, even in the most fleeting moments of our day-to-day marriage, we have the opportunity to find and give each other the most profound GIFT. You will laugh, cringe, and maybe even weep a bit, as she shares stories and perspectives of couples she has interviewed about the gift of "turning toward" one another day after day, moment after moment...the very moments that create and sustain our most precious relationship.

The Marriage Encounter family thanks you, Carol, for the generous gift of this keynote address!

Ice Cream Social

Thursday, Aug. 4th, 8:30-9:30pm

Portage Street

Stevens Point, WI

Following the speaker, we will gather in the Courtyard for an Ice Cream Social sponsored by the NME Board.
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Love Notes

Happy 30th Anniversary to Bob & Kathy Jarman!
What a blessing you and your marriage are to us
and to so many others. You are a shining light and
a true reflection of God’s love in this world.
May the year to come be filled with faith, hope,
and love for you and yours.

Love, Candy & Britt

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