Kidz Club

July 11-15

Kidz Club Selections Part 2 DEADLINE to SIGN UP is MONDAY

Please complete the form below to assign your child to a club for each week they are here.


Kidz Club phone number is (608) 807-6851

Please call if your child will be absent.

Club is open from 7:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Pick up can be anytime throughout the day.

Missing something? Check our found basket at club.

Music & Movement Club

Please bring in materials to make homemade drums. For example, food canisters, pie tins. Thanks!

A Peek at our Week

Next week, July 18-July 22, we will host Music/Movement and Build it Club. We will place your child in the club that he/she selected via form you completed by this Monday (July 18)!

Monday- Movie Monday with Popcorn! At the club, we will show A Bug's Life. We will journey inside the miniature world of bugs where an ant named Flik hires warrior bugs to defend his colony from a horde of freeloading grasshoppers.

Tuesday- kids entering grades 4-7 will go to gymnastics at Jump Around Gymnastics and those entering grades K-3 will go swimming at the DeForest High School Pool.

Wednesday- Field Trip! Wear Kidz Club T-shirt to the Dane County Fair. There will be a chance to bring money for 1 ride OR 1 snack OR 1 carnival game.

Please note that most rides have a height minimum of 48''. Ride tickets are $1.25 a piece and most rides take 2-4 tickets.

Thursday- kids entering grades K-3 will go to DeForest Public Library and those entering grades 4-7 will go bowling at Rude's Lanes. Both groups will walk to designated locations.

Friday- Clubs will showcase what they have designed, constructed, or performed during afternoon club time.

Upcoming Events

  • Food Drive to benefit DeForest Food Pantry July 25-August 5
  • Consider donating food such as peanut butter, jelly, cereal, hamburger or tuna helper, spaghetti sauce as these items are in high need. Please bring food items to Kidz Club.

  • BINGO with Community Members at DeForest Area Community Senior Center! On August 2nd, our 4-7th graders will volunteer during the day.

  • Adult Volunteers Needed for Color Run on Wednesday, August 17 in the afternoon.

What to Bring

*Keep all items in backpack to take home and bring back daily!




Water bottle

Walking Shoes


Extra set of change of clothes


Library Card (for designated Thursdays at the library)

Swimsuit & towel (for designated Tuesdays at the pool)

Meet Counselor Emily!!!

I am 19 years old and was born and raised here in DeForest. I graduated Madison Country Day School in 2015. I just finished my first year at University of Wisconsin- Madison studying biochemistry. I really enjoy dancing, volleyball and just about anything that keeps me active. I was an assistant Dance Instructor at Ultimate Leap Dance Center for 5 years and loved helping the little dancers grow and learn through dance. Back when I was in middle school I attended this very same summer day camp and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get involved and give back to the community. I am looking forward to being on the other end of camp as a counselor rather than a camper and I can not wait for what this summer will bring!

See you at Kidz Club!