Andi Rama

A Biography

Family and Background

Andi Rama was born in Toronto, ON but has lived in Mississauga his whole life. He will be turning fourteen this September 3rd. He’s in a family of four, his father is David Rama and his mother is Baria Dina, he also has an eleven year old sister named Anisa. Both Andi and Anisa attend The Valleys Senior Public School, with Andi in grade eight and Anisa in grade six. He was named by his mom; she named him Andi after hearing the name in a song. He has an Albanian background due to the fact that both of his parents are from Albania.


Andi currently lives in a house in Mississauga. He has traveled to New York, Chicago, Albania and the Dominican Republic. All of which, apart from the Dominican Republic, were to visit family. His most memorable part of those three trips was getting to meet some of his relatives for the first time. When he went to the Dominican Republic he stayed at Barceló Puerto Plata, a hotel in the city of Puerto Plata. During his stay he took pleasure in the hot weather, the food and the beach. If there was anywhere he could travel to or live, he said it would either be Florida or Hawaii. His reason to travel to Florida was because he wants to live in a tropical area and Hawaii because it seems cool.

School and Career

In school Andi enjoys gym and science. He enjoys the experiments in science and says they’re fun. In the future he wants to be a DJ like his dad formerly was. He has an interest in music and thinks it would be an entertaining experience being a DJ.


In his spare time, you might find Andi listening to music, watching hockey or playing soccer with his friends. He often listens to rap music but he doesn’t have a favourite artist. His favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs, mainly because they represent the city he was born in. In addition to that, he enjoys in playing manhunt with his friends. Although, one thing he absolutely hates is doing chores.


His favourite sport is soccer. He started playing around the age of four, after his parents enrolled him in lessons. He’s played for a number of teams in the past but at this time is not. He’s planning on trying out for the school soccer team this year. He plays best as a striker in games but on his teams they often switched it up. His soccer idol is Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid which is also his favourite team.

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