Molly Pitcher

Revolutionary War heroine

Proposal Monument Design and location

Paragraph(monument design and location): My monument design for Molly Pitcher is created to look like a bucket of water because Molly Pitcher earned her name and title by carrying buckets of water to soldiers during the battle of Monumouth.The bucket represents what she did and how she came to be one of the famous revolutionary war heroines.The design symbolizes what she did and it’s location in Freehold, New jersey is important. I chose Freehold, New Jersey as my location for the Molly Pitcher monument because that’s where the Battle of Monmouth took place. It’s important to recognize what happened there and the people who helped us become a nation such as Molly Pitcher and having her monument in Freehold, New Jersey with my bucket design would be perfect.

Words to describe Molly Pitcher

Brave, Heroine, amazing, Patriot, Leader, Helpful,Strong, Smart

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