Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Olivia and Daylon


Belgian King Leopold II thinks about colonizing the area for himself which causes refugees to flee because he is thinking about himself not the people in the country.


Belgians conquer Katanga causing refugees to leave because of their culture being lost or removed


The Congo became a free state under Belgian rule causing people to leave because they are not independent


Independence from King Leopold II followed by a Civil war,Temporary Fragmentation this makes refugees want to move because they dont want war and dont want to be separated from each other socially like the people were trying to make them do.


August-UN troops begin disarming Katangese soldiers refugees began to flee because of the rebels from the UN


Mobutu Sese Seko takes power helpful for the country because he makes leader of the rebels leave the country


Moroccan troops help reuse attack on Katanga by Angolan-based rebels which cause refugees to flee due to the conflict and fights


Rebels remove Mobutu.Laurent Kabila becomes president refugees stay because of a new president that doesn't have conflicts


July-Six African countries in the war sign a ceasefire causing refugees to leave because of conflict


January-President Laurent Kabila is shot dead this made refugees leave because their leader is gone so that can weaken the country and they wont like the new person coming into office

Residing in the Democratic Republic Of The Republic


Internally Displaced Persons:1,491,769

Total Population Of Concern:2,001,006

Returned Refugees:3,230

Asylum seekers:1,124

Originating From Democratic Republic Of The Congo


Internally Displaced Persons:1,491,769

Total Population Of Concern:2,415,802

Returned Refugees:3,230

Asylum seekers:75,350

Refugees by Gender



Grand Total Of Refugees In Georgia From Democratic Republic Of The Congo:978

Up to 4yrs old are 13%

5-17yrs old are 41%

18–59yrs old are 45%

60+yrs old are 2%

Challenges Refugees Face

Challenges refugees face:

Not knowing how to use household items

Burning trash in the house

Leaving family at home

Leaving everything behind

Refugees Are An Asset

Its an asset because it shows how Georgia has changed in diversity since 1865.It also could increase economic development and make the government more diverse because it gives the government money in taxes.The refugees can also increase the employment rate.
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