by: Dawson & Caroline

Cultures, Holidays, & Sports: Dawson and caroline

All the holidays are exciting ,but new years are crazy fun. Sports are amazing like wrestling, soccer and many more.the food is similer to ours.It is beef, veges, and greens are a portion of the delities food you can get.the schools are fun and you will learn new things ever day.There all Islam and they speak Azeri, Russian, spanish, and lots more. You can visit the soccer stadem. Cool right

this is what this town is about!

Economy: Dawson

The population is 9,300,000 and GDP is $10,300. Literacy Rate is 43/13. The economy system is strong system and the imports and exports are weapons, fuel, and food.

Climate & Physical Feature: Dawson

in summer it is warm and in winter it is cold and dry. The Maiden Tower is a very nice place to go.

Government: Caroline

there government is Dominant party.The role of the citizens is to follow the law and the woman cant vote

in conclusion : Caroline

you should go visit Azerbaijan because i has the best sights and activity.It is a fun place for kids and adults. See you there.
Darude Sandstorm 10 hours