Irish Immigration

By Bailey Schaefer

Follow the Leader

Along with the Scandinavians and the Germans come the Irish. Protestant Britain rules Ireland and controls the Catholics by denying them rights like the right to vote, hold office, own land, or to get an education. Irish are also coming to America because of poverty and the potato famine. The Irish potato famine is not only causing people to emigrate, but it is killing many.

"I saw the dying, the living, and the dead, lying indiscriminately upon the same floor."

The Irish

When in America Irish came with very little and had to settle in port cities such as Boston, New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia where they make up one-fourth of the population. Uneducated Irish immigrants had it the worst. Uneducated men and women are taking low-paying, back-breaking jobs. Many Irishmen died doing this work. Irish and free black men continue to battle for unwanted jobs.