Percy Jackson Meets Thomas

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and The Maze Runner

What They Would Do

They would meet and talk about how similar they're lives are. I think that they would want to do the same thing, because they think so much the same. They are smart and can fight. But, what I would want them to do would be to go somewhere where they could express themselves and their own minds. Then I would take them to a modern food joint.

Who They Are

Thomas is a teenager selected by "The Creators" to figure out the cure for a disease that is taking over the world. He was named after Thomas Edison. Percy Jackson is a demigod that is on the run and is living in the only safe place for demigods.

Pictures of The Two


The Reason I Picked Them

The reason I picked these two was because they have both been through the unthinkable and survived. They are both very experienced in the field. That is why i picked them.
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