It's About Respect.

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On Thursday at noon, 91 members of our EVS department went to our Director's office to deliver a message. We presented them with a petition signed by 366 EVS workers, Doctors, RNs, Techs and other Cedars-Sinai employees in support of the EVS workers.

As EVS workers, we are an important part of the C-S team. But too often, the actions of EVS management don't reflect that. We made it clear that management needs to meet with us to develop real solutions to improve workplace issue and patient care.

We stood up for ourselves, and our EVS manager accepted our petition and agreed to schedule a meeting. Now it's up to us to hold them accountable, schedule the meeting and make sure our concerns are addressed.

We Did It!

"EVS department care together as a team to resolve issues like workload, respect and dignity. Now we need to push management to make real changes. Let's all commit to stand up and demand change."

--Hector Urbina, EVS Tech