Martin De Leon

by Juan Ruiz & Gavin Spicer


Martin De Leon 1765-1833. He was born in Tamilupas Mexico.His cause of his death was cholera which was a infection that happens in the intestines,he is also buried in Victoria Texas in Evergreen Cemetary. He was born from a immigrated family that came from the city/town Burgo,Spain. The family was pretty wealthy and his dad owned a cattle company.

Martin De Leon's children

Fernando De Leon (1798)

Candelaria De Leon (1800)

Silvestre De Leon (1802)

Guadalupe De Leon (1804)

Felix De Leon (1806)

Agapito De Leon(1808)

Maria De Leon(1810)

Refugia De Leon (1812)

Augustina De Leon (1814)

Francisca De Leon (1818)

Settlement of De Leon

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The blue part highlighted in red is the settlement.

Geography of De Leon

De Leon's colony had very good geography. The colony has water down the south part so they have access to water and fish. Then there is 2 Rivers which provides good rich farming land for farmers with experience on De leon's colony.Also The land is also flat where they have good areas to have cattle.

Why he came

He came for cheap land and a fresh start.


Apparently Martin de Leon's colony was the only Mexican colony in Texas. His colony had 41 Mexican families. They also had a good source of water and food, which is mostly meat and probably fish due to them being near 2 rivers and a ocean. The culture in Martin's colony was equivalent to the culture of Mexico due to the colony having a empreasrio that comes from Mexico and has 41 Mexican families.


He did just have 2 problems. One with the Mexcian government that denied his accsess to colonize in Texas. And 2nd he had a problem with De Witt with land because the government had made their colonies share some land.


Decree of Governor Gonzales 14 Jul 1825. To His Excellency Rafael Gonzales, Governor of the State of Coahuila and Texas, Saltillo 14th, July 1825. Lay the foregoing documents before the Hon. the Baron de Bastrop member of the Legislature for the Department of Texas, together with copies of all other papers relative to the matter in question, and request him to be pleased to communicate to me such information as he may possess on the subject.---Gonzales