Mrs Richmond's Newsletter

3rd Grade Week 04.20.15

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We celebrated the Queen's birthday last week and she even got her own Poplin Birthday Pencil!!!

What's been happening...

Reading: Last week we continued to learn about folktales and traditional tales. This week we will be doing our mClass assessments during our reading time. Whilst the children are not being tested, they will be working on building their reading stamina and working on other selections that we will go through as a class. We will be gradually building up the amount of selections we give at one time, over the next few weeks. They will also have to have the skills to swap between fiction/non-fiction and poetry.

Writing: This week children will submit their non-fiction project via board builder. I will then grade this and share it back with your child. If you would like to see their work, your child knows how to log in on the computer and show you at home.

Math: Last week we spent time finding equivalent fractions and fractions on a number line. This week will continue with fractions but look at comparing and ordering. We will also be going over the benchmark test they took a few weeks back. Please support your child with the math homework, but allow them time independently before giving help. This will prepare them more for the test.

Science: We completed some activities about soil last week. This week will be a reduced timetable so we can spend more time on math revision. We will continue with plants and soil 3 times during the week.

Please email me with any questions you have about your child's learning. I will be more than happy to help in any way I can.

Field Trip for Ag Day

Last week we visited the high school for agricultural day. I have shared a few pictures of the activities the children were involved in. It was a very short visit but the children learned a lot about animals, plants, bees, tractors etc.


  • Lunch raffle on Wednesday. 50c for a ticket to eat with Mr Broome and Miss Earp.
  • 'Change for cancer' week. Bring in any spare change to donate until Friday.
  • May 6th - Report cards issued
  • May 4-8th - Teacher appreciation week.