Andrew Bishop Foster

By: Trevor Rice

Birth and Death Date

Birth Date September 17, 1879 in Calvert, Texas

Death Date December 9, 1930 in Kankakee, illinois

His work

Andrew Foster played baseball for the Waco Yellow jackets and was named the ¨ The father of black baseball.¨

Andrew Foster´s Quotes

Do not worry. Try to appear jolly and unconcerned. I have smiled often with the bases full with two strikes and three balls on the batter. This seems to unnerve.¨

-Andrew Bishop Foster


When Andrew Bishop Foster was in eighth grade he dropped out of school to play for the Waco Yellow Jackets.

most intresting

Andrew Bishop Foster had his team play daring, agressive, and he was very disciplined with them. He also played for the Waco Yellow Jackets as an awesome pitcher

character traits

Daring- He had his team play in a different way and they didn’t know how to play that way so it took a little bit for them to get used to it

Brave- He was brave because when he was playing and coaching in a way that might fail.