Navigating Career & Workplace

Gregory D. Sidler, M.Div.

"People are more likely to succeed when engaged in work that suits their nature."

Carl Jung

Are you...

unhappy in your current job?
unclear about what next step to take in your career?
struggling to find a job or a sense of direction?

unsure of what you really want?
questioning a career path that you thought you would love?
looking for a career that gives you a better lifestyle?

Consider career coaching...

when your job responsibilities have changed

if you're having difficulty adjusting to a new job

when work is unsatisfying or frustrating

if you are unhappy with the career you have chosen

if issues at work are affecting your performance

Through discussions & exercises we'll...

Identify your sense of purpose

Clarify your values & motivations

Discover what really drives and inhibits you

Develop action plans & track your progress

Keep you focused on your core objectives

Celebrate your growth & accomplishments

Gregory D. Sidler, M.Div.

Gregory Sidler is Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Caliper International, a global consulting firm headquartered in Princeton, NJ. For more than a half-century, Caliper has helped more than 25,000 companies around the world to select the right people, develop the best talent and create the organizational culture they need to succeed, using a unique assessment-based consulting approach. Over the last two decades, Greg has worked with Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to improve personal and organizational effectiveness. Greg’s broad exposure to diverse peoples, cultures, and organizations gives him a rich, objective perspective on career and workplace success. A graduate of Temple University and Princeton Seminary, Greg currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the Denver metro.