RaSia Khepra

By: Orion Andrus

Fights to end violence in Chicago Communities

“I don’t think a lot of the violence that’s being labelled gang-related violence is as prevalent as it’s being hyped up to be"

Early Life

Born from a public health and sociology professor named Dr.Lance Khepra and Hair stylist and jewelry designer Ms. Kandase Khepra. He grew up with sisters, Maakara, Anila, Junior Nza-Ari and brothers Aakhut Khepra and Chandini Khepra and they all support him. RaSia plays hard but works twice hard, he attends concerts and festivals, but still maintains his active rolls as principal scholar, honor roll student, and active athlete.

Aspects of Life

His Passion

Ending gun violence

RaSia was a normal child growing up. He did not have a care in the world and was very happy. He did not become a great teenage model and activist until his friend Hadiya Pendleton died. After that he was driven to end gun violence in his community and all of Chicago. He speaks at seminars regularly and goes to public schools and public communities about ending gun violence.

Is RaSia a Hero?

No he is not a hero, but he is a great role model for not just teens but adults and everyone else to admire. He could one day be a hero, and on the path he is traveling on, he might just eventually be one