Project #5

3D Cardboard

Hardware And Software

Software: Adobe Illustrator, 123D Make, Autodesk Inventor

Hardware: Legend Epilogue

challenges and Obsticles

This project went quite well. One minor problem that I had was getting my design ready for the laser cutter. I had to change the file type and the lines in my design to make them compatible with the Universal laser cutter. Another problem I had was getting the towers on the top of my design evenly spaced. I solved this by first getting the towers as even as possible, then using a caliper to gradually find the right spacing.

The Finished Product

Big image
The finished project after gluing and drying.

Biggest Accomplishment

I think that my biggest accomplishment on this project was assembly. I was worried that my rook would be lopsided since the body gradually gets thinner towards the top. In the end i was very happy with how the project turned out. The rook is very strait and has no excess glue.

Why this?

Chess is a game that has been loved and cherished for hundreds of years. This is why I believe it makes a great model and most everyone has some experience with chess. Its this universal appeal that makes this model a great product. It is also simple to assemble and cheap to produce.

Cost Calculation

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