Moon Conspiracy

Dakota Mains

how the event became controversial.

this even became controversial because of many things one the government said that we landed on the moon and gave the US a picture of the flag on the moon waving. but science show that there is no air in space. so how could the flag wave if there is no air in space. Also the Van Allen Radiation belt is in between the moon and earth. "The Van Allen belt puts out so much radiation that it could cook the astronauts while they are traveling to the moon" say
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Myth-busters did a segment on the moon landing and all of their conspiracies were busted. they tried many things like, the photos that were supposedly taken on the moon and testing the theory of the flag waving on the moon when there is no wind or even air in space.
Mythbusters Moon Landing photo hoax 1
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historical criticism

this is a historical major event. the first person to land on the moon was all a hoax and the United state government lied to everyone.

cultural criticism

because it was during the space race and every country was trying to be the first to make it to the moon.

Bias by omission

they have left out things like how they got to the moon and other things.

Bias by selection of sources

they only selected the sources from NASA and didn't have the point of view from scientist, and the astronauts that went to the moon
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