April Showers

April 4th - 8th

Reading and Writing

This week in reading will be very similar to last week. We will be working on summarizing text with only writing the MOST important details from the story and identifying the Point of View of a character in the story. We had a check for understanding assessment Friday of last week. 70% of students wrote summaries that included the most important details of the text in chronological order. Of the 30% of students who did not, 67% of those students had summaries that were on their way to a great summary. They were either out of order or missing important details. This next week we will continue to read and practice summaries of whole text and chapters with our Wonders materials.

For writing, we half almost half the class finished with their animal reports. I had hoped to get them finished by last Friday but with one-on-one conferences for self-corrections and the fact that students are hand writing their final reports it is taking bit longer than my estimate. We will have the finished by this Friday for the following week's writing tasks.

Sharing Money


Before we take Unit 8's test, we will complete explorations of number lines, fractions, and Area and do a quick review for the test. Unit test will be on Wednesday.

Our LAST unit in EveryDay Math will start on Thursday. Last week students took a pretest to organize student enrichment groups. It too, is a short unit so I'll spend the last couple of weeks before school lets out going over place value, hit more story problems, and practice more complex multiplication problems.

Unit 9 is working to develop more understanding of multiplication and division as students apply basic fact knowledge to mentally solve number stories and multiply larger factors.

Week Long Absence

I will be gone the week of April 11-18th. My brother-in-law is getting married in a destination wedding of sorts. There will be a small quick ceremony Sunday night with family and then off we go for a week of wedding celebrations!

It is always my policy to keep things as normal as possible for the students whenever I am gone. Many of you are familiar with Mrs. Heather Davidson as a parent, but the students are familiar with her as a substitute. She has been in our room several times this year and was able to take all days of the I will be absent.

Upcoming Dates

4/4: Running Club Begins
4/7: FAMILY dining out at PANERA BREAD
4/14: Civic Center
4/15: Meals for the Heartland-- Return field trip permission slip
Late Start days will be April 13 and 17th
4/29: J-Hawk Assembly with kindergarten and 3rd grade performing