Fantastic Fourth Grade

Week of November 11th

Important Reminders

  • Veterans Day is Monday. Wear Red, White, and Blue.
  • Science Fair projects are due next Tuesday, November 19th.
  • Wear Neon on Friday for Spirit Day!
  • Send Clean Trash with your students to use on Castle Enrichment Day (November 25th)
  • Birthday Celebration for Fourth Grade is November 14th during Recess.
  • Award Assembly is at 2:30 Friday November 15th.


In math we are moving to measurement. We are finding area and perimeter over the next few weeks. We will also be making the move to looking a different models of multiplication. The students are studying perimeter using rulers as well as non traditional ways. Problem Solving is a focus of fourth grade so they will be using the skills of finding perimeter and area to solve larger problems.

Social Studies/ Science

This week in Social Studies we are finishing constructing the four regions of Texas in my classroom. Each group of students has built a region of Texas they researched out of paper, boxes, and lots of glitter. My room was a disaster area, but is looking much better with the projects completed. The students did a great job and are using their models to teach one another.

Science Fair is Coming!!

Science Fair will be held on Special Person's Day. It will be November 26th at 11:15. Please join your child in exploring the Fourth Grade Science Fair and showing off their hard work.