Mammoths What is that??

By Angela Valadez


A new extinct animal has been discovered!! The new extinct animal is officially named Mammoth. A mammoth is a large extinct elephant of the Pleistocene epoch, typically hairy with a sloping back and long curved tusks that existed in the Ice age. It was discovered in the spring of 1978. Its scientific name is Mammuthus, it can be classify as an elephant, the thing that makes them apart is that Mammoths were hairier and had smaller ears than elephants but both of them are herbivores.

They discover half a mammoth skeleton last week in Michigan, they found the skull and the tusk that were connected to one another and they found more bones too. The story is that two Michigan farmers made an unexpected discovery in a wheat field last week of a Mammoth. It was slaughtered by ancient humans. Back then when ancient humans were hungry they hunted and made clothes out of Mammoths. Mammoths were big and filled with meat and their skin were fabulous for a coat to were in the ice age. An analysis of the bones suggest they come from an adult male Mammoth. Mammoths were herbivores that ate plants. Mastodons are closely related to Mammoths, but they had a different diet. They were browsers that ate leaves. The're different types of Mammoths, not all of them were the same.


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Effects on Ecosystem of Mammoth Etinction

Above this paragraph there's a photograph of a cave for a Mammoth, basically a home and kind of like an ecosystem to the Mammoths and other animals or insects. Every extinct animal leaves their mark on their ecosystem. What I meant about that is that when an animal dies it affects each animal that relied on them and that animal to another animal and that's how it goes until the food chain stops. Everyone relays on someone.

How did the mammoth was extinct first of all, lets start from the beginning, millions of woolly mammoths and other mammoths roamed the grassy steppes of Siberia, Alaska, and the Yukon by the middle of the Ice Age. They also spread into Europe and southern North America. Then suddenly they all diapered even other animals that lived there and dependent on the Mammoths. How? And Where? Was it because of the weather, was it to cold or what was the reason. Woolly mammoth remains are abundant in the mid and high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, including the ones I said before this sentence. There are probably millions of mammoths buried in the permafrost of Siberia alone or in other places. The mammoths are found with a wide variety of other mammals, large and small, many of which were grazers, doesn't that ring a bell. In other words what I think that Mammoths got extinct is for the cold weather they lived in.

Amazing Life Mammoths of The Ice Age Discovery Documentary 2015 HD

Religious Reactions to Discovery

Many religions state on believing everything that the bible or the church said. If it says, give me all your money the people will proudly give them their money. Back in the past if they Bible didn't say if the earth was round or flat they just said what the people wanted to hear, they didn't have facts of things to prove it just “God told me...” or “The bible says...” when it didn't say it at all. Church's to day kind of make the same thing but people are to blind to realize it. When people start to ask how did this happen and why doesn't the bible says nothing about this or that is when they start to realize that not always the bible is going to give you all of the answers or be there when you need a path on your shoulder.

In my opinion and point of view on how would I tell explain and explain an animal that isn't explained in the story of creation, or in the story of Noah, like the Mammoth, is telling my church or religion that not always the bible is going to say all the answers on what we questioned. Yes the bible states about Jesus and other things but it doesn't say about how did the Dinosaurs die or why were they created, who created the insects and etc. Did God did? The Devil or Science?? The bible doesn't state everything it just states a proportion of what we need it to know, maybe God wanted us to discover it and experience by ours self. Last thing how would religions react to this, would they protest and go outside a church because of what the minister said or would they except it because the trust the church. I think that it all depends on what religion it is, who said it, what type of church it is, and what kind of people are they.

Scale MOdel

During our visit to the Mammoth National Monument in Waco we discov er and learned many things that we didn't know before going to the trip. After going to the field trip we were asked to do a project on how much we had learned and what were our thoughts about the mammoths. Part of the project was to make a scale model and take a picture and insert it to our newsletter. I decide it to draw and make a scale for a Brachiosaurus because it was an extinct dinosaur and relates on how the mammoths are extinct too!!

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