Willie Nelson

My Famous Texan

Early Life

Willie Nelson was born on April 29,1933. Willie Nelson is one of the most reconized artists in country music.He was raised by his grandparents during the great deppression.He wrote his first song at the age of seven years old.Willie had a band at the age of nine years old he also went on tour with his band at nine years old.

After High Shool

After high school Willie Nelson joined the air force but was discharged due to complications.After he was discharged he went to baylor university for two years.But dropped out to persue his love for music.

Willie Nelson Now

Willie Nelson is now 83 years old now. He has seven kids he also is against animal cruelty. Willie Nelson also loves love he was married four times first time was Martha Mathews. Second time he was married to Shirley Collie. The third time he married Connie Keopke. The fourth time he married Annie d'angelo