Bailey Trautman

6th Grader


Many of you may know me by my famous line “I cannot,  I have dance.” or “ Sorry I have soccer practice tonight.” I have a very busy life with soccer, dance, bible study, and all the other crazy things I do sometimes. I am Bailey and this is my biography. I am the child of Kelly and Steve Trautman. I have one sister named Abby and a half sister named Heidi. I have many friends and like to chill with friends ( When I am not busy of course.) I enjoy having fun but I also enjoy being alone and having quiet time. I like to read and be creative and I think that sometimes I have such a big imagination that I scare myself but also have way more fun than other people who aren’t creative and imaginative. I am also something called gifted which means I am in L.E.A.P which is a gifted curriculum to help gifted kids grow in their strengths and their weaknesses. If I were to describe myself I would probably say that I was funny I sometimes even laugh at my own jokes I know I am kind of a nerd and a little weird but I always say that the more weird you are the better life is. I would also say that I am energetic maybe not all the time( Especially when I am really tired from a long week.) But for the most part I would say I am pretty energetic.( Tip for the wise though don’t wake me up before 9:00 on a weekend unless you want your head bitten off.) I am not a morning person at all I hate mornings. One time when I was seven I went to my Uncles house. He lives in San Francisco so we had to take a plane. The morning we were supposed to get up I woke up and throw up and felt sick the rest of the day.  I love monkeys they are my all time favorite animal but don’t ask me why because I have no clue I just really like them. Do you play soccer ? I do I love soccer I have been playing it since I was little. I also dance and I have also been dancing since I was a little girl. My favorite foods are ribs and cheeseburgers I love meat it is probably half of my whole body. Thats my mini biography of me.