Thursday's Thoughts

February 9, 2017

Let the testing begin....

As we approach March, students in grades 3-5 will begin their testing season. Our students will start MAP testing March 1st. Following MAP testing, the SCReady window will begin April 24th and run through May 26th.

MAP is now correlated to SCReady. We have new projection sheets that show us where students are projected to score on SCReady based on fall MAP RIT scores. Before MAP testing begins in three weeks, I would like for you to meet with your students to set goals for spring testing after showing them where they are projected to score on SCReady. I will give you your class information for this Monday. I would also like for Matt and I to meet with students in grades 3-5 following spring MAP to discuss goals for the few weeks left before SCReady begins.

I am curious to see how accurate these projections will be. Remember that with PASS projections, students typically scored higher on PASS than MAP projected. We will use this as one piece of the data puzzle for us to help our students stay focused to learn as much as they can before SCReady.

Students in K-2 will begin MAP testing around Mid-March.

F & P Sight Words

We are beginning discussions on our plan for spelling. Until we have a finalized plan, we have a list of sight words for each grade level. It is evident our students are struggling with the writing and spelling of basic sight words. I will place your grade level's list in your boxes tomorrow. Please give this sight word list quiz to your students to see which words they need to practice in order to be able to spell and write these words automatically.
Monday with K & M this Monday, February 13th.

Please bring your homework card or a sample of how you communicate homework to parents, your newsletter, and your last reading and math assessment with you.

Valentine's Day

We are lucky to have such a great Good News Club staff. They are bringing us biscuits Tuesday morning. Please be sure to thank them for their kindness.

Valentine's parties will be Tuesday afternoon.

Progress Reports

Progress reports go home February 16th. Please make sure your grade books are up to date and ready for reports to be printed.

The Amazing Shake

I hope students in grades 3-5 are doing a good job with their handshakes, eye contact, and conversation skills. Remember that we are looking for a good, strong handshake and the ability to keep a conversation going. Please make sure your class winner is sent to me by Thursday, February 16th. The contest will be Friday, February 24th at 1:00. We are still working on our judges and hope to have a great group here to judge our shakers.

Daddy/Daughter Dance

We need all hands on deck for our daddy/daughter dance. Please make plans to help us serve, take pictures, and be a part of this special night. I would like to meet briefly with those committees helping with decorations, food, and pictures Monday, February 13th at 3:00. If you would like to bring your daddy or special man in your life, please do so. This really is one of our most fun events of the year.

Jennifer Brown visits February 16th

Jennifer Brown from the SCDE will be with us next Thursday, February 16th to observe reading instruction. I know she will see good things in your classrooms.

Reveur Party

The snow is in! The second nine weeks house party will be Friday, February 17th at 1:00. We are still working on the logistics of the party, but it is going to be one to remember!

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 10th: Big Brother/Big Sister Reveal 2:00 in the cafeteria

Feb. 10th: Annie cast announced

Feb. 13th: Monday with K & M (bring hw card, newsletter, math assessment, & reading assessment)

Feb. 14th: Good News to bring biscuits, Annie rehearsals begin

Feb. 16th: Progress reports go home

Feb. 16th: Jennifer Brown to visit classrooms

Feb. 16th: Amazing Shake classroom winners due

Feb. 16th: Daddy/Daughter dance

Feb. 17th: Rooming and passenger list due for Washington, DC trip

Feb. 17th: Reveur party at 1;00

Feb. 21st: Spring pictures

Feb. 24th: Amazing Shake contest 1:00

Feb. 28th: Faculty meeting

Feb. 28th: No Good News

Happy Friday!

Looking Ahead

The summer conference will be June 7th and 8th. Mark your calendars.