fun facts that i learned


Jayda Roberts

Fashon;Fact one

Italy is an important center for European fashion, especially the city of Milan.The Italian fashion was noticed during the Renaissance period. Italy has been the fashion hot spot since the 11th century. The cities of Rome, Venice, Milan, and Florence are famous for creating/making accessories such as jewelry, textiles, ornaments, and handbags. The Italian fashion lost its importance in the 17th century due to new designs from Spain, England, and France.They regaind thier fashon creativity during 1950.

Lily;Fact two

  1. Kerala's state floral emblem is the tree Cassia fistula. Tamil Nadu's floral emblem is Glory lily. Water-lily is the state flower of Andhra Pradesh. Bihar's floral emblem is kachnaar and that of Uttarakhand is the rhododendron (locally buransh).