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Week of May 17, 2021

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Greetings Parents and Families! We are so proud of our intermediate students for all their perseverance with FSA testing. Thank you, parents, for getting them here and on time also! As we begin the final push for the last two and a half weeks left before summer, there are a two things you can do to help support our school:

  • With the excitement of summer, we are seeing an increase of inappropriate and horse-playing behaviors resulting in disciplinary actions. It would be very helpful if you remind your child about following procedures and keeping hands/feet to themselves, even in play. Additionally, please remind them of being respectful to others and spread kindness each day.

  • Many grade levels will be doing fun activities as we approach our last day of school and celebrating summer birthdays. Please remember that any food/drink that is donated for these activities MUST be individually wrapped/sealed. We are still under COVID protocols and hoping to keep quarantines to a minimum with safe procedures.

FSA Science for 5th Graders will be this week (see schedule below) and we are excited for our students to SHOW what they KNOW! Please ensure they are getting a good night's sleep, eating a healthy breakfast and ON TIME for school.

Brick & Mortar 5th Grade Students:

May 18th- 5th FSA Science Session 1

May 19th- 5th FSA Science Session 2

5th Grade ELearning Students: *Must take assessments ON CAMPUS*

May 20th- 5th FSA Science Session 1

May 21st- 5th FSA Science Session 2

Thank you for continuing to be our partner for your child's education! Have a wonderful week!

~Mrs. Stephanie Woodbury, Principal

(321) 956-5050

Better Hearing and Speech Month!

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, a time to raise awareness about communication disorders and available treatment options that can improve the quality of life for those who experience problems speaking or hearing. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) created this special event in 1927 to raise awareness and promote understanding of hearing health and communication disorders.

In honor of BHSM, we highlight our fantastic Speech/Language Pathologists:

Robin Grodecky began her career in Osceola County in 2000 and after making the daily drive for 2 years she was hired in Brevard County. As a 19-year veteran of BPS she has contributed 13 years here at Westside Elementary. Graduating from UCF with her Bachelor’s Degree in 2000 followed by her Master’s Degree in 04’, Mrs. Grodecky has provided Speech/Language Therapy to various school ages from elementary through High School. As an American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) member as well as a Department of Health licensee, Mrs. Grodecky has also provided acute care to rehabilitate those who have experienced trauma resulting in cognitive communication deficits and dysphagia (swallowing disorders).

Angela Clouser is also an American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) member and a 21-year veteran of the field who graduated from UCF with her Bachelor’s Degree in 1994 followed by her Master’s Degree in 2000. Starting her career in Volusia County in 1995, Mrs. Clouser and her husband moved back to Brevard in 2006 to be closer to family while they started one of their own. After spending a few years at home with her then small children, she was hired here at Westside Elementary and has now completed her 10th year as an Explorer.

Julie Duncan graduated from UCF with her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2000. While working in Orange county she developed an interest in Speech/Language Pathology in the educational setting and followed that path by completing additional coursework. She graduated with another Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders in 2004 followed by her Master’s Degree in 07’. Mrs. Duncan has provided Speech/Language Therapy to Pre-school through 6th grade students here in Brevard County as an American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) member as well as a Department of Health licensee.

Spring Music Performance

We are so proud of our Orchestra and Jammers members this year! Their dedication to their instruments has paid off in a beautiful performance Ms. Hodge has prepared to share with our families at the link below. We look forward to growing our Music Program next year with the continuation of these two options plus the return of Chorus. Great Job students!!

Jammers Auditions

We have 10-12 openings in our Jammers Steel Drum Band for the 2021-2022 school year. Students in grades 2-5 will have the opportunity to audition for a position. Students are scored in three main categories: Musicality, Dependability, and Behavior.

Students in Jammers are expected to attend every rehearsal (Fridays after school until 3:00pm), to be present for every concert, and have excellent behavior in school. If you feel that you are able to meet these expectations and would like to audition, please complete a permission form and return to Ms. Hodge. Forms can be obtained from classroom teachers.

Once students have returned their permission slips, Ms. Hodge will call each student down to audition between May 20th and May 28th. All students will be notified of their audition result before the last day of school. Please keep in mind that we often have over 100 students audition.

Westside Students Learn Every Moment of Every Day

Mr. Franco's 3rd grade class has been working hard solving Math problems in cooperative groups! The students have been earning tickets for following expectations and working with others in respectful ways. They exchange their tickets for fun activities in the classroom with friends.

2020-2021 Commemorative Yearbooks

Our yearbooks will be arriving soon! Anyone who has pre-ordered a yearbook will be the first to receive them, and then we will sell any remaining copies until they are gone. We are opening up the pre-orders again this week only!

  • Send cash or check (made payable to Westside Elementary) for $26.25
  • Drop envelope in front office or child care mailbox.

Westside Elite Running Club is Back!

Running Club is planned to start late September/Early October and open to all K-6th grade students. Any student who participates in the Firecracker 5K or Tailgate 2-Miler this summer will earn early access to Running Club practices in late August. Currently, registration is not open for these races, but will be coming soon. Be sure to connect to the “Westside Elites Running Club” Facebook page for the most current release of information.

All other information for the 2021-2022 season will be given out during registration in July/August and teachers will be given flyers to send home in weekly folders.

The races we are participating this year are:
  • July 4th Firecracker 5K
  • August 15th Tailgate 2-miler
  • Ghostly Gecko 5K
  • Jingle Bell 2-miler
  • Brevard’s Zoo Terrapin Trot 3K
  • Pirate Plunder 2-miler
  • Run for the Gecko

Race information will be distributed and sent out prior to each race. Feel free to sign-up early at Please make sure to sign-up your child under Westside Elites Running Club. Parents may sign-up under Westside Teachers and Parents.

Each child must participate in one of the first four races mentioned above to remain in the club for the remainder of the school year.

Any questions or concerns please contact me by email at: or on the “Westside Elites Running Club” Facebook page.

Upcoming Events

  • May 18th- FSA Science (5th) Window Opens
  • May 21st-5th & 6th grade GLOW event
  • May 28th- Staff vs. 6th Kickball game
  • May 31st- Holiday for ALL (Memorial Day)
  • June 1st- Early Release
  • June 2nd- 6th Grade Graduation/Early Release
  • June 3rd-Last Day of School/Report Cards Issued/Early Release

Reminder: Send clean mask and water bottle with your child daily