The Great War

The battles of Somme, Verdun, and Marne:

 ////Somme-occured on the river Somme on July 1st, 1916. The battle consisted of the French and the British against the Germans and when the battle eventually ceased the British were still 3 miles short of their goal. Bad tactics and disability to prevent counter attacking resulted in one of the biggest slaughters in military history. ////Verdun-occured in Verdun, France in 1916. The battle consisted of the fighting between the French and German armies and resulted in a overall French victory but no real military or positional gain. This battle used many forts and men to make up the battle. ////Marne-occured near the Marne river in France between the Germans and the French on September 4, 1914 and again in 1918. In 1914 the battle resulted in a German halt and in 1918 fighting ceased with no real winner of territorial gain. Common WWI technology was used in these battles.

New Technology:

Kaiser Wilhelm II and Joseph Joffre

Kaiser Wilhelm II was the last German emperor serving from 1888 to 1918. In the war he proved to be an ineffective war leader and lost support of the army and was abdicated in 1918 and moved to live in exile in the Netherlands. Joseph Joffre was the son of a French catalan family of vineyard owners. Joffre proved effective although being initially thought to have no knowledge in the war until being replaced by General Robert Nivelle in 1916.