Lubbock Texas weather and climate

By: Ross Kingeter

What season is it in Lubbock?

Well it is still Winter like it is here in Colleyville.

The high temp and low temp for my tracked week

77 is the high and 42 for the low for the week proof I looked it up.

Wich way is the wind moving what were the winds like

wind speed 15 and 10 mph wind was going north air temp was cool not to warm.

contact person

The person that i contacted was my sister who has been living in lubbock for 1 year and she knows all the weather they get up there is crazy stuff.

what the contact person thought the weather was like up their

well my sister since it was her first year up their when all the crazy snow happened and the flooding and sand storm rain all that she thought it was cool cause she thought was intresting

what was the perception like??

20% preception

humidity% did it change though out the week?

65% and it change by 20% decreasd

why does my city have climate

its a grass land and a dessert and its in west Texas.

is lubbock near the middle or the equator or the pole


is it prone to tornados or hurricanes

no it is not prone to hurricanes but it is to tornados cause its the perfect place for a tornado

is lubbock near the mountains?

lubbock is not near the mountains cause it in in the desert/grass lands

what affect does the ocean have on lubbock and is it close to the ocean

according to my sister it has no affect what so ever on it cause it is not close to it at all

is my city big - small or medium

well lubbock is medium/small it a little bit of both.