How the planets got their names

Our beautiful solar system

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The names

All of the planets, apart from Earth, were named after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. The 6 closest planets to the sun were named in that time because they couldn't see Neptune and Uranus. The 2 other planets were named when telescopes were invented but still after Greek and Roman gods.
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Gods they were named after

  1. Mercury is named after the roman god meaning the messenger.
  2. Venus is named after the goddess of love and beauty.
  3. Earth was named after the English and German words ertha' and 'erde' meaning ground.
  4. Mars is named after the god of war.
  5. Jupiter is named after the god meaning light and sky.
  6. Saturn is named after the son of the god Uranus.
  7. Uranus is named after the god of light and heaven.
  8. Neptune is named after the god of fresh water and the sea.
  9. Pluto is named after the god meaning past ruler of the underworld.
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Interesting facts

Jupiter is made of gasses and is a gas giant.

Uranus is on its axis at 98 degrees. People sometimes say it is rolling around on its side.

Galileo Galilei discovered that Saturn had rings in 1610.