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February 2020 Newsletter

Principal's Message

With February already upon us, planning for next year is already well underway. Please note that our course selection night is scheduled for Monday, February 10, beginning at 6 PM. This is for rising 9 - 12 graders and their parents. Additional information for this evening is included in the Counseling section of our newsletter.

Thank you to our students, our Fine Arts Department, and Ms. Schafer for putting on the Night of One Acts on Thursday, January 30. This performance begins at 7 PM. Please come out and enjoy The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon as well as other original and short skits performed by our students. It’s sure to be a wonderful evening!

In addition, please mark your calendar for Thursday, March 5. That is opening night of our spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Performances will run through two weekends – please see Woodgrove’s calendar for specific dates and times.

Also, best wishes to all our academic and athletic teams competing in Regional tournaments in the next couple of weeks as our winter season comes to a close. Dates and times of these competitions may be found on our website as well. For those students planning to participate in a spring sport, the first day of practice/tryouts is Monday, February 24.

We are looking forward to an excellent second semester and spring - best wishes to everyone and I thank you again for your support!

Woodgrove HS Mission Statement

The mission of Woodgrove High School is to enable all members of the school community to think critically and act responsibly, while preparing students for their futures.


  • We believe that critical thinking means using knowledge to make informed decisions and to solve problems, both independently and collaboratively.
  • We believe that we must be responsible for achieving our own goals, for contributing to society, and for being effective global citizens.
  • In order to be successful, we all must work, honor, and strive.

Student Attendance Reporting Procedures

In order to streamline the attendance process, Woodgrove High School will be utilizing an online reporting procedure. The new form will be used for early dismissal, tardy to school, and student absences.

Parents can access the form (https://bit.ly/2Nx0ix2) beginning Friday, November 1, 2019. The link can also be found on the main page of the Woodgrove High School website.

Please note that the student ID number is a required field for the form. Completion of the form will generate an email confirmation. If you have any questions about your student’s attendance, please contact Teri Hoover at 540-751-2600 or Theresa.Hoover@lcps.org.

School Counseling News


  • Mrs. Geri Fiore - Director of School Counseling
  • Mr. Patrick Weaver ------ A to Cop
  • Mr. Steven Cohen -------- Cor to Gra
  • Ms. Amy Scott ------------- Gre to K
  • Mrs. Donna Kelly --------- L to O
  • Mrs. Barbara Bell --------- P to Sm
  • Mrs. Rachel Sutphin ----- Sn to Z
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Volume 10, Issue 6 February, 2020

Sports Injuries

Lisfranc (midfoot) Injury

Lisfranc (midfoot) injuries result if bones in the midfoot are broken or ligaments that support the midfoot are torn. A Lisfranc injury is often mistaken for a simple sprain. However, injury to the Lisfranc joint is not a simple sprain that should be simply “walked off”. It is a severe injury that may take many months to heal and may require surgery to treat.

The midfoot is a cluster of small bones that form the arch on the top of the foot and is critical in stabilizing the arch and in walking. A twisting fall can break or shift (dislocate) these bones out of place. It is commonly seen in football and soccer players when someone stumbles over the top of a foot flexed downwards. More severe injuries can occur from direct trauma, such as a fall from a height. Lisfranc injuries tend to damage the cartilage of the midfoot joints. If severe midfoot injuries are not treated with surgery, this damage to the midfoot will result in both flatfoot and development of arthritis later in life.

Symptoms of Lisfranc injuries include: pain and swelling on the top of the foot, bruising on the bottom of the foot, and pain or inability to stand on one foot and come up on “tip toes”. Lisfranc injuries are diagnosed through a detailed medical history and physical examination. X-rays and MRI’s can also be helpful to confirm the diagnosis.

Non-surgical treatment of Lisfranc injuries includes wearing a non-weight bearing cast for 6-8 weeks and then progress to weight bearing in a removable cast boot or an orthotic. Surgical treatment with internal fixation or even fusion is recommended for all fractures in the joints with abnormal positioning. Some athletes never return to their pre-injury level of sport after these injuries. Despite surgical fixation, arthritis may occur from the damage of the cartilage.


Sleep Aids Concussion Recovery

The study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found a clear link between good sleep quality and quicker recovery from concussion. Student-athletes who get enough sleep are more likely to recover from a concussion within two weeks, while those who don’t can potentially take longer than 30 days for the symptoms to subside.

The results indicated that student-athletes with poor sleep quality reported two (2) times greater symptom severity at their initial visit and three (3) times greater symptom severity at their 3-month follow-up compared to those with good sleep quality. In addition, female student-athletes were more prone to experiencing a poor night’s sleep following a concussion when compared to males.

Researchers believe that pediatricians and health care providers involved in the care of young student-athletes should educate and emphasize the importance of good sleep quality and sleep hygiene for optimal overall health, performance and recovery. Parents can take small steps to help improve their child’s sleep quality by establishing a regular sleep schedule, avoiding electronics at least one hour prior to bedtime, and encouraging them to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night. It’s also important to note that they found that adolescent student-athletes who slept 8 or more hours each night were 68% less likely to be injured than student-athletes who regularly slept less!

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WHS News and Events

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Student Counsel Association News

Pep Rally:

The Woodgrove High School Student Council hosted its third pep rally of the year on January 17th. The pep rally began with Woodgrove’s winter sports teams bursting onto the court and bringing the crowd to a buzz. The last two teams to come out were Woodgrove mens and womens basketball teams. The basketball teams participated in a half court contest (who could make the most shots in the time allotted) in which the men's team won. Following the contest, the classes competed in a tug of war tournament. The Sophomore class led by their President Jack Hughes prevailed and went on to face the staff team. With some extra help from the Seniors, the Sophomore class won the competition and brought the crowd to a roar. “I absolutely enjoyed every second of it, not only because of the free spirit plate points, but for the opportunity to entertain my peers. Also, the idea of the tug of war was cool and I would absolutely love to see it brought back.” The pep rally concluded with a competition that tested to see which class could make the most noise. Using a decibel meter it was determined that the Junior Class was the loudest. While unfortunately the Woodgrove mens and womens basketball teams lost to Loudoun Valley on the court, the pep rally was successful in rousing Woodgroves spirits in preparation for the games.

Woodgrove Sophomores compete in tug of war

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Woodgrove Juniors Charley Piercy and Ava Eckenrode MC the pep rally.

Virginia Student Council Association Convention:

The VSCA Convention is March 13-15th and the Woodgrove SCA will be well represented. Woodgrove students will have the opportunity to become better leaders, hear from keynote speaker Kate Garnes, and have a fun weekend. Woodgrove’s own Student Activities Director Charley Piercy is running for state vice president and is excited for the weekend, “I really think I’ve got a great shot at winning and even if I don’t, the experience will still be amazing. This years convention is even extra special because I’ll be surrounded by all of my friends enjoying a fun packed weekend.”

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