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November Monthly Newsletter


We strive to keep parents as informed as possible. Each month a Faye Wright Falcons Newsletter will be emailed to you in hopes that we can keep you updated on important information happening with Wright students.

You can also stay informed by visiting our Wright website at https://wright.salkeiz.k12.or.us/, our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WrightElementaryOfficial/?notif_id=1630366683279729&notif_t=page_fan&ref=notif, or our Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/wrightelementaryofficial/.


November is one of my favorite months of the year. The fall colors are in full swing, and the holidays that are focused on family, gratitude, and caring are upon us. We have much to be grateful for here at Wright Elementary! We have a wonderful, caring staff from our custodians, our instructional assistants, our office staff, to all of our teachers. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with all of them and I know your children are in good hands with them. We have supportive parents and community, with a giving and engaged PTC at the forefront. And finally, we have incredible students, who challenge themselves every day to learn and be engaged as well as challenging us to become better people. They are why we are here every day!

I know that I speak for the whole staff when I say, we are here to serve you and your family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help related to a school need or something broader in the community.


Upcoming dates:

Sunday, November 7th - Read-a-thon ends

Tuesday, November 9th - Read-a-thon packets and t-shirt orders due

Also Tuesday, November 9th - PTC Meeting @ 6p (watch for link)

Thursday, November 11th - Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL

Friday, November 12th - Teacher Work Day - NO SCHOOL for students

Wednesday, November 24th - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, November 25th - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

Friday, November 26th - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL


Please call the school office between 7a - 3:30p at (503) 399-3198 to notify us if your student is ill. The decision tree below gives examples of when your student should not be in school.

If your student's symptoms are related to a chronic condition, contact the school and follow school policies for chronic condition management.

If it is after office hours and your child will be absent due to illness, please call our Absence Reporting Line at (503) 399-5503. Leave a detailed message with your student's first and last name, their student ID number if you have it, the date they will be absent, and exactly what symptoms your student has. Someone may be calling you for more information if needed.

To help protect all students, please notify the school if your child is diagnosed with any of these diseases: chickenpox, COVID-19, diphtheria, E. coli, diarrhea, hepatitis, measles, mumps, pertussis, rubella, salmonella, scabies, shigellosis, tuberculosis, or another disease as requested. The school will protect your private information as required by law. [OAR 333-019-0010].

With consent, the school nurse may consult with your doctor about your student's health in order to keep you student safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

If your student falls into the 10-day quarantine section, please contact the office so that we can excuse these absences and communicate with your student's teacher. Their teacher will then reach out to you regarding school work that can be done at home during this time.

Thank you for helping us keep our school safe!

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  • Every Wednesday is a one hour late start. Student school hours are 8:50am until 2:20pm every Wednesday.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday student school hours are 7:50am until 2:20pm.
  • If your student is sick, please keep them home and communicate their symptoms as soon as possible to our office staff. Please review the DO NOT SEND AN ILL STUDENT TO SCHOOL section above.
  • 2pm is the cutoff time for early pick-up before the 2:20pm dismissal. Please make arrangements accordingly.
  • If you have not signed up for ParentSquare, please do so as soon as possible by clicking this link: ParentSquare. Starting Nov. 1, all school and district communication will take place through ParentSquare.
  • If your student forgets their facemask, we will provide them one at the school.
  • Please encourage your student to bring a water bottle to school every day!


Our school office is open from 7am until 3:30pm Monday through Friday to assist you with anything you may need. Due to COVID restrictions and distancing protocols, visitors/parents may not enter the building at this time. The District has stated that this will continue until December and be re-evaluated. If you do need to come to the building, please ring the buzzer on the left hand side of the front door and we will assist you.

Students Leaving Early: If you need to pick up your student from school early please call the office at (503) 399-3198 prior to the pick up time so that we can have your student ready to go. 2pm is the cutoff time for early release due to end of the day dismissal at 2:20pm, so please make arrangements accordingly. You will need to come to the front entrance and ring the buzzer to the left. Please bring your ID with you as well.


  • There is no adult supervision on our campus until 7:35a on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and 8:35a on Wednesdays. If you need to drop your student off earlier than that, please be advised that there is no supervision.
  • When dropping your student off by car, please pull forward completely before allowing your students to exit the vehicle. We have staff members outside to assist, so please feel free to stay in your vehicle and we will help as needed. This will help the long line of vehicles trying to drop off their student move much quicker.
  • REMINDER - Please do not drop students off in the bus lane in front of the school by the road. This is a safety precaution and will be strictly enforced.
  • Doors open in the morning at 7:40a (8:40a on Wednesdays) for students to pick up breakfast from the cafeteria or go straight to class.
  • Now that our arrival procedures have been showing consistency, we will be starting to be more diligent about marking students as tardy. Students who are not in their classroom by the time the 7:50a/8:50a bell rings will be marked as an Unexcused Tardy.
  • We begin dismissing students promptly at 2:20p each day. Traffic tends to back up when cars arrive too early, so we ask that you plan to pick up by car no earlier than 2:20p.
  • If you are planning to walk and pick up your student, please check in with our staff at the north end of the building on the grassy hill.
  • If you want your student to walk home with a sibling, friend, or unaccompanied, let us know and we will dismiss them through the cafeteria.


Wright's school counselor is Carolyn Jones. She is highly trained and able to help students and families with a variety of needs. You may reach out by email at jones_carolyn@salkeiz.k12.or.us or call our office at (503) 399-3198 to speak with her.


Our Community School Outreach Coordinator is here to help Wright families connect with a tremendous amount of resources. Right now, we are gathering information from families who are interested in signing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas resources. The deadline to sign up for these is approaching fast so please contact Samantha Gibson as soon as possible at (503) 399-3198 or gibson_samantha@salkeiz.k12.or.us if you're interested. We also have weekend food backpacks that will be sent home soon to families who are interested! Some additional resources we provide are for clothing, shoes, daycare, counseling, health care, housing, and many more! If you are interested in seeing what is available for your family, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Join us in celebrating American Indian Alaskan Native Month in November at the American Indian Alaskan Native Celebration 2021.



The first resolution of its kind was developed through collaboration with district staff, leadership, community feedback and engagement.

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Salem-Keizer Public Schools Board of Directors voted 4-2 to approve a resolution recognizing the board and district’s commitment to equity and anti-racism. One board director was absent. It is the first time a resolution of its kind was introduced in SKPS.



All school and district communication will take place through ParentSquare. Please see the ParentSquare link in the IMPORTANT REMINDERS section above if you have not signed up yet. Please continue to call our office or Absence Reporting for anything that has to do with your student's attendance.

Fax: (503) 391-4090

Absence Reporting: (503) 399-5503

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