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The Simple Secret To Happiness | Ryan Estis Inspirational Video | Goalcast

Serving Happiness

Good Evening Patriots,

Welcome back to your 2021-2022 school year!

As I sit here this evening trying to decide what would be the most powerful message to share with you for our first official newsletter back together, I keep coming back to this video, and the idea of how just the simple act of being kind can be the secret recipe for finding and keeping sustained happiness in our lives.

Going into this year together, we are all headed into uncharted and at times possibly uncomfortable territory. Together as a Patriot family, we going to attempt to navigate getting back to school in person, new schedules, new friends, new teachers, and for some of us trying to figure out how to wear lipstick again after a very long time.

For some of us, we are so full of excitement that it feels like the fourth of July is happening and trying to burst outside of our chests, and for others, there is an extreme and overwhelming amount of anxiety around coming back to school after being online.

So as we start this new year together, here is my big ask...

No matter where people are on their journey, be kind.

Be kind and be generous until it hurts.

Ask questions, stay curious, and remember at the end of the day we are all just unique and beautiful humans trying to do the best we can with a very messy life.

Alright, Patriots...

Get your first day of school outfits out, go to bed at a reasonable time, and make sure to tell the adults in your life, thank you for being so darn awesome!

As always Patriots...

Remember, you are LOVED!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins

6th Grade Day is Tuesday... Please See Important Details And Answers To Your Questions

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Hey Patriots,

T-minus 6 days until your first day of 6th grade! Are you excited? Because your teachers and Admin are!! We know that transitioning from Elementary to Junior High can be super scary, but we want you all to know that we are here to help however we can. We have a staff of amazing teachers and staff who are busily readying classrooms, making copies, and planning amazing lessons. So rest assured, we’ve got you. Here are some details to help you feel more ready and prepared for your first day:

When is the first day of school? What can I expect?

  • The First Day of school for 6th graders is Tuesday, August 17. Only 6th graders will be in the building on this day so that students can find their classes, use lockers, and get a little footing before the 7th and 8th graders show up on the 18. This day is intentionally short! It’s meant to practice getting to and from classes, meeting teachers, and getting oriented to the building. Teachers will be in the hallway between all classes to help guide students to their next classes and assist with lockers as needed. Please know that no one knows their schedule perfectly (or even where they sit in each class) for the first couple of weeks of school! Everyone is learning, and we are here to support each Patriot however we can. They won’t be on their own.
  • The schedule for August 17th is as follows:
    • 1st period: 7-45-8:05 am
    • 2nd period: 8:07-8:27 am
    • 3rd period: 8:29-8:49 am
    • 4th period: 8:51-9:11 am
    • 5th period: 9:13-9:55 am
    • 6th period: 9:35-9:55 am
    • 7th period: 9:57-10:17 am
    • 8th period: 10:19-10:40 am
    • Lunch: 10:40-11:10 am

Lockers are scary and I’m worried about using them. Do I have to use my locker?

  • Lockers can be tricky and practice makes perfect! We have teachers on hand to assist, and it is absolutely okay to ask for help when you need it. We suggest using your locker halfway through the day (before lunch or after) so that you don’t have to carry all your books and supplies to every class. Having said that, if you don’t want to use your locker and everything fits in your backpack, that works great too!

What do I need to bring on the first day??

  • The biggest thing to bring is your smile and something to write with. All PHJH students are provided with a 3 ring binder, pocketed dividers (one for each class), and a planner. They will get these on the first day of school in their 1st-period class. Having loose-leaf paper to put inside is a bonus! Beyond that, your teachers will go through any specific supplies needed for their classes and you’ll have a couple of days to get everything settled. The first day is really just a get-to-know-you and your schedule.

How does lunch work?

  • Lunch is going to be the easiest part of your day! You can bring a lunch from home or you can get one at school. All you have to do is line up in the cafeteria (Mrs. Summers, Mrs. Turley, and Mr. Hawkins will be there to help things stay orderly), use your best manners, and request what you’d like to eat from the lunch staff when you get to the front of the line! Eventually, you’ll have an ID card for the lunch staff to scan, but for the first bit, we will be on hand to help you navigate the process.

How do I know where my classes even are?

  • Each class has a room number by it, but that can definitely be confusing. So your teachers will help direct you to your next class and there will also be teachers in the hallway to help in case you get turned around. So try not to stress about this part! We will make sure you know where you're going and you get there on time.

COVID Procedures

Return to School Plan COVID Procedures
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Picture Day Information

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Hearing Screenings

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Notice of Hearing Screenings

Hearing screenings will begin shortly at Providence Hall as recommended by the Utah Department of Health to identify undetected, progressive, late-onset, and fluctuating hearing losses due to ear infections, loud noise exposure, or a variety of disorders. This screening is done yearly by the Speech-Language Department at the beginning of the school year and will involve all students in grades K, 3, 7, 11, all students receiving special education services, most students new to PH, and other students considered at-risk. To opt-out of hearing screenings, or to request screening of additional students, please email by August 22, 2021. Recommended health precautions specific to hearing screenings will be followed.

Speech and language therapy services are also available at Providence Hall for students who qualify in grades K-12. If you have concerns about your student's communication skills, please contact Mrs. Collingridge, our speech-language pathologist, at to discuss the concerns.

Bus Program Information

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If you are interested in learning about the new Providence Hall bussing program there is a meeting on 8/19/21 at 6:00 PM at Junior High. If you are unable to attend please go to this link for more information.

Nutrition Services

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Welcome back Patriots

We would like to introduce you to our new online menu viewer called MealViewer. This is where you will find our monthly menus as well as any nutritional information you may need. Here are the links to Mealviewer.

District Web Link

Digital Suite iOS App Download Link

Digital Suite Android App Download Link

We are excited to share with you our new Digital Menu Boards located in the commons and cafeteria area. We will have our daily menus playing on the screens as well as other school announcements. Take a look and don't forget to,"OOOO & AHHHHH!"

A quick reminder we will continue to scan your ID cards at mealtimes. Please have your card with you and ready to scan, daily, to help keep the lines moving.

A la carte items will be available for purchase. Please make sure you have money in your account to use at checkout. NOTE: If you pay with cash, any change from the transaction will be added to your meal account. WE WILL NOT GIVE MONEY BACK FOR CHANGE. Students will not be able to go into the negative to purchase a la carte items.

Survey Says...

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A word from the Utah State Board of Education

As part of the Utah State Board of Education’s Standards Review Process, USBE staff administer a survey annually to collect feedback on our current core standards. We seek feedback from educators, parents, students, community leaders, etc. If you would take a moment to fill out this survey link we would greatly appreciate it.

It will be open for at least 30 days. Thanks!

Utah Parents Center

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