Science With Mr. Harvey

3rd Edition, 2015-2016

This Week In Science...

Tuesday- No I in Team Activity / Scientific Method Notes

Wednesday - Variables / Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Thursday - Learning About Graphing Activity

Friday - Review HW / Continue Learning About Graphing


Read pages 18-29 and complete #1-7 on page 31- cite answers with page/paragraph # where you found the answer.

FCMS Open House!!

Come on down for Open House this Thursday from 5:30-7:30. You get to follow your child's schedule and meet each of his/her teachers this year for more information about their classroom.

My Website!!!!!

Hopefully you have heard by now, but I have a website that I use to communicate with students and parents alike. Please take a quick second to save it as a bookmark. If you have questions about homework, assignments, or calendars you can go there to find it. I will also post powerpoints/notes on it that were covered in class. It is very handy when it comes to communicating what is going on in class.