Hankins Highlights

The Happenings of Room 11

Up Coming Events

May 11 -- Field Trip to Richmond Zoo

May 23 -- Field Day/ STEM Day

May 24 -- K-2 Awards @ 10:30 - 11: 40

May 26 -- Last Day of School

You Are Invited!

Our awards ceremony will take place on May 24 from 10:30 - 11:40. Weather permitting we will be in the courtyard. Please come and join us as we celebrate the amazing progress and success of your first graders!

This Week's Learning

Math: We will be starting a new unit this week. Students will be reviewing the 100 chart and then beginning to count beyond 100. We will focus on addition and subtraction facts for numbers less than 18. We will also be going over counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.

Reading: Our reading focus will be on questioning. Readers ask questions while they read to better understand the text. We will be saying a lot of "I wonder..." and "What if...".

Content: We will continue working on our natural resource unit. Students will apply what they have learned about our natural resources and come up with a way to conserve them here at MNES.

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