Class Meetings: 9/24 - 9/28

Purpose & Service

September 24th: All Grade Levels

The word of the week this week is service. Ask a few of your students...

What you think service is?

Kinder - 2nd: You are going to have to give 2 examples of what service is. (Examples, providing something for someone else, helping someone by giving your time and energy.)

Now, show them the clip below.

Ask your students if any of them changed their mind about what service was after watching the video.

September 25th: All Grade Levels

Show students the video link below.

After watching the video link, click on this embedded link. Take a moment to read a few tidbits about Joshua Williams from the video

Follow up with the following question/s.

K-2: What do you think caused Joshua to start his nonprofit and begin SERVING others?

3-5 What type of service inspires you and why?

September 26th: K-2

Review with Kinder - 2nd about Tattling vs. Reporting.

Have them give examples of tattles.

Have them give examples of reports.

(Help students with any misconceptions. Remember, due to their developmental stage, it takes lots of repetition for students to understand the difference between tattling and reporting. They need lots of practice, role-playing, and conversations.)

September 26th: 3rd - 5th Grade

Review tattling vs. reporting with students. Have them come up with a few examples of each.

Review with students the ways that they can report things here on Sonntag's campus.

1. Mailbox in Library

2. Online Reporting Form

3. Telling a trusted adult at school. (Teacher)

September 27th: All Grade Levels

Free Share: Student Topic Choice Day

-Choose a student from class to pick a topic of discussion today that everyone in the class could respond to. (Examples: Favorite food, favorite sport, favorite book, etc) Watch your students enjoy sharing something so simple today and compliment them when you see them using social intelligence by being an active listener to their peers.

September 28th: All Grade Levels

Share the quote in the picture with your students. Have your students brainstorm and share ways that they can serve one another here at Sonntag.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary