Peek at the Week


The end is in sight!



Monday, 6/1, 1:15 Egg Drop

Tuesday, 6/2, Mrs. Lemon's Retirement Celebration from PTA (8:30am in the Auditorium)

Weds, 6/3, Interim Housing Committee - CANCELLED

6/4- Evening Orchestra Performance

6/5 Boom Ball Game (staff against 5th graders), 1:30 (all invited to lower yard, optional attendance though :)

6/5 Learning Spot Graduation, 5pm

6/8 Fifth Grade Dance, 6-8pm

6/10, 10am Fifth Grade Graduation

6/10, End of Year and Retirement Celebration

Save the Date, ILT Retreat: June 17 & 18


To our Fearless Fifth Grade Camp Chaperones! Thank you for going ABOVE and BEYOND-

Ms. Jacobsen, Mrs. Havenar, Ms. Kaye, Ms. Minor, Mr. Miller, Mr. Litt, Ms. Brouhard, Ms. Bowers.

Teaching & Learning

Last PD of the Year!

- SBAC Debrief (this is for all K-5 teachers to reflect on what students need to be successful on this assessment)

- Technology Survey

- End of Year Check list

Summer PD- Strongly Encouraged for All to Attend!

Did you sign up yet????

Also, please note that the Guided Reading Training dates will now be:

June 23,24, 25

August 11,12,13

If you have not done BAL 101 or Guided Reading, you are STRONGLY encouraged to take advantage of these summer paid trainings. BAL 201 is also available!

F & P Assessments

All F & P Assessments must be completed with bubble sheets in to Linda and data in the Google spreadsheet by 6/5 at the latest.

Thanks to Mr. Witte who has all of his assessments already in the spreadsheet! So exciting to see so much growth!

SIRA Assessments

Due on 6/5- Ask Linda if you have questions!

SRI Window

Opens May 11 and closes June 5.

Operations & Logistics

End of Year Check List

I will pass this out at our meeting this week. Please turn it in before you leave on 6/12.

Safety First

Yard Duty

Be on time! If you are absent or on a field trip, remember to line up a colleague to cover your duty.