Second Grade News

Feb. 14, 2016

Events for the Week

  • No School


  • 9:00-11:00 Young Author's Day-The author, Peter Catalanotto will be visiting our school. The children will be listening to him speak and attending a workshop with him.

Science-Sound Experiment

Ask Your Child About

  • Who is your book buddy? What book are you reading together?
  • What is pitch? What do we use to learn about pitch experiment? (rubber bands, PVC pipes, and plastic bowls).
  • What happens when you have a high pitch and a low pitch? (high pitch-fast vibrations; low pitch-slow vibrations)
  • What is division?
  • Who are you writing a letter too?

PJ/Valentine's Day Fun!!

Curriculum For the Week

  • Reading a Nonfiction text (reading sidebars)
  • Main Idea and detail
  • -ed ending
  • Meaning of unfamiliar words (using a dictionary)


  • Unit 6 Problem Solving
  • Patterns in counting
  • Extending compliments of 10


  • Mid year grammar test
  • Writing a friendly letter


  • Sound and Volume

Social Studies

  • How do we use our environment?


Book Buddy Book

This past week I introduced the kids to Book Buddy books. Each child has been assigned a "Book Buddy". This buddy is on the same reading level as they are. Together they got to choose a chapter book that they wanted to read on their level. They also decided how many chapters they would read. On Friday they will be discussing what they read. We will be doing this for the rest of the year. This is to increase their stamina for reading and their comprehension. The kids were really excited about it!!

Table 2 Won Lunch Bunch!!!


  • Spelling page 39
  • Read 10 min.


  • Home Link 7.1
  • Spelling page 40


  • Home Link 7.2
  • Study spelling words
  • Extra Math

Anya the Roxy Reading Dog Came to Visit!

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