Enumerated Powers

What You Need To Know


Enumerated powers are those powers specifically delegated to the Congress by the US Constitution, which are still in use today.

Where Can The Powers Be Found?

Under article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, the seventeen powers specifically enumerated to the Constitution are listed

What Can They Do?

Some of these include:

  • lay and collect taxes
  • pay debts and borrow money
  • regulate commerce; coin money
  • establish post offices
  • protect patents and copyrights
  • establish lower courts
  • declare war
  • raise and support an Army and Navy

Also, they must make all laws “necessary and proper”

What It Like?

The enumerated powers are basically a list of thngs that Confess is specifically allowed to do.

Examples of these powers are: making money or setting up taxes

If you still have trouble understanding what enumerated powers do, click on the video below