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Sploonard is a word we made up

Just because you can decode a word doesn't mean you're reading. Now you know what it feels like to be a student with a limited vocabulary.

You have to have heard words to know words. Literacy experts have long understood that children need to be good listeners in order to become good readers, which is why the Common Core State Standards elevates listening to a skill equivalent to reading, writing and speaking.

Tales2Go is a Netflix for kids' audio books designed to make it easier to add a listening component to reading instruction, in the classroom and at home.

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Thank you to the nearly 600 schools using Tales2Go, including schools in Broward County FL (the 6th largest school district) and Heartland AEA in IA.

Standards aside, adding a listening component to reading instruction has been shown to raise student achievement. We'd be happy to have a conversation if you're interested, or know someone who might be :). Please pass our info. on to others too....the more the merrier. Let's team up and get our children EXCITED about reading!