Can chimps learn language. Study suggests that chimps can learn language. Chimps Escape Kansas City Zoo.

  • At first I was thinking that chimps couldn't learn different languages then I was thinking how cool is that. I was really amazed.
  • More thoughts I had were how could chimps be so smart to break out of their cage and somehow also get into a workers only area. Well i'll tell you this i'm happy that wasn't me these are my thoughts about the text.

My reflection on the article's. Can Chimps Learn Language, and, Chimps Escape Kansas City Zoo.

  • My reflections about the articles were when I was watching the movie rise of the apes how the apes broke out of security and got free just how the chimps did in the article Chimps Escape Kansas City Zoo.
  • Finally my last reflection was when the chimps were learning different languages in the article chimps can learn language and when in rise of the apes they are talking to one another these are my reflections and thoughts about the articles.