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Principal's Corner

November 2nd - November 6th


Thank you for partnering with us in this year's educational journey. We are truly appreciative of the efforts you have shown as you partner with us in school this year. Most of all, thank you for looking after the well-being of your student. That will always be priority #1.

We enter into our last full week of Quarter 1, and encourage your students to finish strong! We have one more push before the quarter ends on November 10th. Next Monday will be our last day of classes (B-Day) with Tuesday being an all-day Office Hours for students to make one last connection with teachers and turn in any late work. Grades will be finalized and quarter report cards sent out later that week.

On Friday, we received updated guidance from the Governor's Office. New metrics were released regarding bringing students back on campus. We will be pulling together a committee of teachers and administrators from both middle schools to begin to plan to transition to a Hybrid Model of schooling. More to come on this front in the next few weeks.

With last week's news, please know that our counseling team is here for your family. Please use the below resources to reach out and contact our counseling staff.

To assist you all, we have been made aware of some good (FREE) opportunities for families to take advantage of:

  • Western Oregon Univ.: Free Zoom Homework Help for Math; Monday - Thursday, 5pm-6pm for daily homework help (503-838-8831, ask for Rachel)
  • Wildlife Images - Critter campus through Wildlife Academy (541-476-0222).
  • Josephine Co. Library - a place for students to go with Wi-Fi access as a learning space...with two trained tutors! (541-476-0571, ask for Kedron).
  • Joe's Place - a place for students to have access to Internet and be surrounded by positive adults during the day (541-476-4563).
  • Boys & Girls Club - a great partnership to assist local youth (541-479-5258).
  • YMCA - continuing to offer great programs for kids and families (541-474-0001).
  • Local churches - please check with local churches to see if they are able to serve any needs you might have.

Finally, we had such a fun time with our SPIRIT WEEK last week! Students had a ton of fun with our teachers with each day's theme. A huge kudos to Ms. Hall and her Leadership team for putting together a great week!


  • Funniest costume: Nate Holley (8th grade)
  • Scariest costume: Landon Tucker (8th grade)
  • Most Unique costume: Sunny Lawrence (6th grade)

Check out this week's Family Character Dare below for a suggestion on connecting with your child. Our November Middle Years article is also available for you as well.

Happy November,

Mr. Sale

Weekly Character Dare


ave everyone in the family write down, in a place that everyone at home can see, one hard thing they are signing up for that they are committed to this year.

Angela Duckworth, a lead researcher on resilience and grit, has her family sign up for "Hard Things." The 3 rules? 1) Everyone must choose one and it has to be something that requires consistent, intentional practice. 2) You cannot quit (until there is a natural stopping point like the end of a football season of until after a recital). 3) You get to pick your own passion - no one can choose it for you.

Counseling Resources

1. SMS Counseling Website

2. Crisis Support Phone Numbers:
  • Options Counseling: 541-474-5360 for crisis; 541-476-2373 for info services
  • Other resources

3. Call to talk to a Counselor:

  • Ms. McGarry (A-L): 541-474-5750, ext. 50112
  • Ms. Rastellini (M-Z:) 541-474-5750, ext. 50104

This Week's Classes

This week's classes:

Monday (2nd): A-Day live classes

Tuesday (3rd): B-Day live classes

Wednesday (4th): A-Day live classes

Thursday (5th): B-Day live classes

Friday (6th): A-Day live classes

Please remember that you will have three live classes each day, but that you have school work for ALL of your classes every day.

Students of the Month - October

We will be selecting our October Students of the Month in the next couple weeks. Teachers will be selecting students who are consistently showing PERSEVERANCE - striving to learn and grow every day and encouraging their peers to do so as well. . Be on the lookout!

Helpful Family Links/Videos

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At South Middle School, we are a community dedicated to learning while promoting integrity and respect.