Communication Chronicle 4-29-16


Message from our Principal

We are heading into the last two months of the school year! Keep up the great work! We are working on the ESY class rosters and staffing assignments diligently. We will keep you posted!

Staying in the Loop!

    1. Timesheets for ESY 2016 will be completed electronically as discussed at the staff meeting.
    2. Please note that their are "new swipes" on the High School Campus exterior doors. Be sure to "swipe" on the new device to gain access to the building.
    3. We are having some difficulty with the DLM. We have contacted individuals at the state level in order to get a resolution. As soon as we know get an answer we will email all teachers.
    4. Today is the LAST day to apply for ESY work has been. Please apply!
    5. Come out to the Healthy Kids Day Event at the Mount Laurel YMCA from 1-4pm.
    6. We have raised enough money to have our BCSSSD logo on a Jake's Place banner. Jake's Place is an organization that builds playgrounds that are accessible to all individuals with different abilities. It has been an honor to collaborate with them and their wonderful endeavor! Special thanks to Deb Crosby!

Quote of the Week

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Reminders from Last Week!

  1. Our best wishes to the current union officers in their future endeavors. Thank you to Doriann Swern, James Brand, Katrina Flade, Gwen Clark and Donna Thurman.
  2. Guess what?! The long term S4T now have BCSSSD email addresses so, we can effectively communicate to all staff! This means that S4T will be able to log into Safe Schools to complete the Aquatics Training.
  3. Be mindful of the roofing project and stand clear of all dumpsters. Thank you!
  4. Check out the Burlington County Professional Developmental Institute under the ESU tab on our BCSSSD website. These workshops are a great resource and occur within our own school! Check out the site!
  5. All movies need to be Board Approved. Please refer to policy number 2510.1.
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April Birthdays!!

  • Matt Agos 4-7
  • Estrella Benjamin 4-4
  • Jennifer Bergman 4-7
  • Brian Boyle 4-5
  • Donna Briggs 4-15
  • Carla Brogan 4-22
  • Lori Brunetto 4-19
  • Wendy Carlson 4-7
  • Lucille Cavallo 4-7
  • Bethany Celso 4-12
  • Candace Dickerson 4-27
  • Lisa Dornish 4-14
  • Dawn Downs 4-8
  • David Fowler 4-17
  • Philip Grim 4-22
  • Kerry Hall 4-3
  • Juliette Haynes 4-2
  • Carmen Hernandez 4-11
  • Gary Holloway 4-25
  • John Jardine 4-12
  • Suzanne Latimer 4-7
  • Jaime LeCates 4-5
  • Monica Libucki 4-6
  • Moriah Lilley 4-16
  • Martha Lynch 4-13
  • Kaitlyn McConomy 4-23
  • Al McHugh 4-27
  • Carol McLarney 4-24
  • Veronica Micucci 4-9
  • Jeremy Reilly 4-27
  • Torrell Ross 4-7
  • Marcy Savioa 4-29
  • Diana Stepp 4-15
  • Kristen Thomsen 4-27
  • Donna Thurman 4-27
  • Anna Vaughn 4-29
  • Sara Voza 4-6
  • Kristine Weaver 4-16
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