Mallory Swanson Period 7

Physical Description

  • Ponyboy has long light brown hair
  • almost looks red
  • has greenish-gray eyes
  • wears blue jeans with a t-shirt or they leave their shirttails out and wear leather jackets and tennis shoes or boots every day
  • greasergirlsknowbetter.tumblr.com is where my picture is from
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  • Ponyboy is smart
  • cares about his brothers a lot
  • loves Sodapop the most
  • he doesn't use his head
  • the youngest brother of four

Jobs, Hobbies

  • likes to read
  • hanging out with other greasers
  • watching movies
  • loves coke

Prized possessions

  • his brothers especially Sodapop
  • the memory of his mom and dad

Relationships with other greasers

  • very close with Sodapop
  • has a crush on Cherry
  • hates the socials besides Cherry and Marcia
  • respects his siblings