Or Eskimos

Who were the Inuit?

The Inuit have always stayed in Canada. They had never migrated. The Inuit were Canada’s first people. They have been there as long as Canada was. They were, after all, the people of the Canadian Arctic.

There were many tribes in the Inuit itself such as:

  • Labrador Inuit

  • Ungava (New Quebec) Inuit

  • Baffin Island Inuit

  • Igloolik Inuit

  • Caribou Inuit

  • etc.

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Why did the Inuit stay in Canada?

As some people might have learned, many people had migrated to places. Well, why did the Inuit not migrate? The Inuit were masters at adapting to new weather, they could go anywhere without worrying about weather conditions. Even if they wanted to leave, where would they? Good land all around was occupied, even the south part where they wanted to leave. Why did they stay? Because home, was home.

How did the Inuit’s meeting change their culture?

The Inuit had met lots of foreigners (mostly Europeans and Missionaries). Those foreigners spread Christianity. Changing religion meant changing culture. That was a huge impact in their lives. They worshiped in different ways.This change didn't just change their actions but also their mind. The great thing about change the culture was learning new tools and doing new stuff.

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How did the Inuits meeting change their future?

In the last topic, you learned that the Inuits got Christianity. They also got new tools, and not just that, they also got a new language. This meant they got new habits and personality.Their future changed dramatically. They learned new and new stuff along the way.

How did the life change during the meetings?

New tools meant new work which changed their physical type. The foreigners introduced new food which might have also changed their physical type. They also found a new way to use their own tools for different uses. The Inuit could also create new structures. Their whole lifestyle changed in just about 3 months.

What were the difficulties?

The foreigners had brought diseases from all over the world to the Inuit. Because of diseases, workers had to take a day off. As the weather got colder, life got harder.There are only a few hunters to gather food.