Rachael Mcginnis

The First Day

I would like to tell you a story about the first time I met my Bff. So this is how it went down, I had just moved in to my new house right next door to the McGinnis family. My mom was talking to Rachael's mom, so I decided to walk right in. Her dad was sitting on the couch watching football { My favorite sport } . I decided to walk right in and sit down. He said " uhhhhh.... hi little girl do you want to go stand outside with your mommy." I said "No thank you I'd like to sit here with you." Then a little girl walked in and asked if I wanted to play and I said "yes". And that's how an amazing friendship started!

Some event's in our Friendship world

Number one on the list is she has the best dog in the world and his name is Brady McGinnis. The first day she got him he was calm, cool and collected, but as he grew he got wilder and wilder. Number two, we went on our first rollercoaster together. It was wily the coyote! number three the time we had our first sleepover. The first time I tried sour patch kids!